A how to book on golf that is a breakthrough. Mindy Blake is a golfer who took up the game when he was thirty-four, brought his handicap down to 2 in two years and at the age of sixty played better than ever. Blake applied science to golf to achieve the kind of advances that such studies had provided to other athletic events such as pole vault and javelin throw. He explains the weaknesses of the traditional approach that have caused even the finest of pros to experience inexplicable slumps, and caused weekend golfers to find little or no improvements after years of lessons and practice. Simply and clearly, Blake describes the ultimate golf technique – the equivalent of the perfect techniques toward which athletes in other sports strive. He believes that its adoption will lead to dramatic improvements for any golfer, expert or duffer, as it has for himself and many others, along with a deeper understanding of what golf is all about.

Click here for more info: The Golf Swing of the Future

The Golf Swing of the Future by Mindy Blake

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