Big shout out and thanks to 5DudesGolf for allowing GolfAidReviews the opportunity to test and perform a review on their product. We are very excited to announce that the “Putting Gate System” (PGS) from 5DudesGolf is now on our list of products to be reviewed. 5DudesGolf aims to provide innovative putting¬†aids that target bad habits most golfers develop. The Putting Gate System is their first product that provide a system players can use to monitor and improve their faulty putting habits.¬†The technology used in the PGS allows the player to practice any putt while receiving prompt feedback to correct body alignment, ball position, swing path, etc. In addition, it is small enough to be stored in a golf bag at all times with minimal added weight. Stay tuned for the full review, meanwhile check out their page at:

Putting Gate System