The SNAGazoo is a golf training aid designed to develop the angle between hands and arms during a pitch shot. When the player swings to the 9 o’clock position, their target arm and the SNAGazoo form an “L”. If this is done correctly the device will produce a sound. If done incorrectly the device makes no sound.

HIS FATHER’S SON Earl and Tiger Woods by Tom Callahan

This book takes an intimate look at the lives of Tiger Woods and his father Earl.
“Tom Callahan explains Earl, Tiger and their complicated relationship like never before, based on ten years of conversations with both father and son. Throughout the book Earl and Tiger serve as color commentators for Tiger’s fourteen major championships.”
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CentreCup putting aid developed by PGA Pro Ian Melville helps golfers follow Dave Peltz ‘straight back, straight through’ putting technique also known as PILS (Pure InLine Stroke). In this putting technique the putter face is kept square to the ball and target line throughout the stroke.

The basics of the PILS stroke are:
-Keep the putter face square during the stroke.
-Keep the putter head moving straight along the target line.
-Use a simple pendulum stroke, originating at the shoulders. This takes the forearms, wrists, and hands out of the equation. The hands should hang freely below the shoulders, so that the “pendulum” formed by the shoulders and hands is perfectly vertical.
-The shoulders must be aimed square to the target line.

CentreCup’s unique Putter Brace and Shoulder Brace eliminate ‘wrist-break’ meaning the golfer cannot flip at the ball and also means the arms hang freely and can only move straight back and straight through. Anti-Twist Bars prevent the golfer from twisting off line and keep the shoulders square to the target line throughout the back-swing and follow-through.

Golf Record Book by Andrew La Brooy

Ask yourself these questions. Do you really know your golf game? Do you know which strokes and clubs you control the ball with consistently? Most people talk about how far they hit the ball. Very rarely do you hear them speak about how well they controlled the ball, how many times they hit the fairway or how many putts they had. You might say practice harder, that is the only way you win! But what should you practice? Grip, posture, irons, woods, putts, chips, bunkers? The list is endless. I encourage you to learn and improve by targeting your weaknesses and supervising your practice. My advice to anyone is to keep record of your game. How many fairways and greens you hit, how many shots you take to get the ball into the hole from a bunker, and how many putts you take for 18 holes. By providing a clear record of your games, you can pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses. In short this is what the book talks about.
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More Sure Golf Training Aid

The More Sure Golf Training Aid provides easy to understand feedback through the sensation of contact between the device and your skin. Understanding leads to increased awareness of the fault, which leads to greater chance of change. The device addresses shaft plane, club face, wrist hinge at the top of the backswing, impact and follow through. Check out the video for a demonstration.
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Step-By-Step GOLF

Check out this very informative book I found at a used book store!

“Step-By-Step GOLF” offers technical advice and game-winning tips with the help of:
-Action photos of world stars
-Numerous illustrations and diagrams
-Suggestions for the best equipment to use
-Explanations of etiquette and strategy
-Practice drills
-Tests to monitor individual progress

The authors of this book are Eddie Birchenough (head professional at Royal Lythan and St Annes Golf Club in England and is a PGA teacher, coach and tutor) and Alistair Tait (deputy editor of Today’s Golfer)

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Greens Professor

The Greens Professor is a putting alignment aid used to improve alignment at address and impact. Using a laser the device provides feedback if your putter face is open, closed, or square to the intended aim-line. A laser light shines out of the unit and reflects off a mirror that the user attaches to the toe of the putter. The alignment is indicated by a red dot that is visible in the alignment viewing window.
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“The Next Generation” with SEAN FOLEY

Sean Foley’s approach to the golf swing is defined by the following 5 pillars and its this scientific approach that has made him one of the most sought after teachers in the world.

5 Pillars of Sean Foley:
1. Life Experience
2. Philosphy
3. Physics
4. Biomechanics
5. Geometry

The dvd covers instruction drills, and philosophy. “The Next Generation” is about producing efficient ways to create power, speed and accuracy with a drill system designed to improve every facet of your game.
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Pro-Core Golf

Pro-Core face-stabilizing  and damping technology is a game-enhancing product which is inserted into the putter shaft. It is specifically positioned for your club brand and model, to maximize the positive effects of the product. The Pro-Core delivers a clean, connected feel, enhancing player feedback and enabling greater control.
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Sky Sports Golf presenter Simon Homes tests Pro-Core

When Golf Is a Ball: A Lifetime of Fun and Adventure in the Game by Gary Wiren

I found this treasure during my honeymoon travels in Costa Rica, in a beach town called Jaco.

Synopsis: Golf has led Wiren to walk on the Great Wall of China, in the tulip gardens of Holland, up the Tobel in Switzerland, around the Coliseum in Italy and within the royal grounds in Denmark; to enjoy a sauna in Finland, eat sauerkraut and dumplings in the Czech Republic, teach to beauty pagent contestants in Curacau, chase dingoes in the Australian outback, sing in Singapore, taste a Sacher torte in Austria, gamble at the casino in Monaco, fish the lakes of New Zealand, dine with geishas in Japan, and sail the Mediterranean. In all of these exotic locales he has found something very familiar in the eyes of his hosts: a delight in the great game of golf. Wiren’s myriad encounters with that delight provide the experiences, stories, quotes, quips, and observations that make up the content of When Golf is a Ball. It’s an anecdote-filled mother lode of great golf lore.
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