StrongBoard Balance

Every golfer knows that the key to gaining yardage through the bag is by building a stronger core, which leads to a more balanced and powerful swing. Enter the StrongBoard, which harks back to those spring loaded playground animals we’d ride as kids. Four large springs are mounted on a platform, and atop the springs is the strong board itself. Just getting centered on your two feet is a chore at first, but with some practice you’ll find yourself moving through the included, recommended full, upper and lower body exercise sets – push-ups, squat-lunges, bridges, mountain climbers and yoga poses. The StrongBoard is built for anyone looking to improve muscle strength and overall posture, but for golfers who struggle with staying centered and balanced from address to follow-through, it’s especially good. Below is a video featuring teaching pro Doug Hendricks that shows how to get to the point where you’re swinging in perfect balance…. on one foot! (Referance: winter 2016)
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Improve Your Golf Swing with StrongBoard

Golf Style: Homes and Collections Inspired by the Course and the Clubhouse

Golf is more than just a sport. It is an incomparable source of camaraderie, a test of one’s equanimity, and a reminder of the sheer joy of playing a game. Like any pursuit that people grow to love, it just won’t stay put. Its allure extends far beyond the course, turning up in the ways we decorate and in the clothes we wear, in our art and literature, in the memories that delight us, and in the anticipation we feel for pleasant outings to come.

In Golf Style, Vicky Moon turns her expansive eye to every aspect of the lifestyle that the game has inspired. In eighteen (of course) chapters, she takes us on an excursion through all things golf. From legendary meccas at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia to Celtic Manor in Cardiff, Wales, to Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin, here are the courses and clubhouses that have played host to the game throughout history and whose luxury and beauty inspire us long after the back nine is over. We get to peek inside the golf-inflected residences of celebrated golfers such as Jonathan Byrd, Denis Watson, Duffy Waldorf, Fred Funk, and Sophie Gustafson; and the creative minds of award-winning course designer Rees Jones, country club and resort decorator Carleton Varney, and British golfer Ian Poulter, whose own line of golf garb brings new meaning to color on the fairways. We see golf-themed art and antiques collections, learn about state-of-the-art turbo-charged drivers, get a taste of the delicious dinners served at the Masters, recall favorite films in which golf is the real star, and admire shining trophies and stunning jewelry inspired by the game.

Golf Style
 is a joyous celebration of the history, traditions, personalities, innovations, challenges, and verdant beauty associated with the game, as well as a limitless source of inspiration for anyone, duffer or pro, who wants to make the sport a part of his or her life both on and off the green.
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Ernest Jones, “Swing the Clubhead: A Plea for simplicity in analyzing the golf swing” in The American Golfer Magazine

“Before starting any discussion of the golf swing, I should like first to say that my own impression is that most golfers go quite the wrong way about learning the game. This refers to being always on the alert to find out what is wrong instead of getting to know what is right.”
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The Soul of Golf  By P. A. Vaile

Percy Adolphus Vaile was a renowned writer of both golf and tennis instruction books in his day. He was among the first golfers to provide a scientific and technical analysis of the golf swing, enabling him to successfully design more accurate golf clubs and golf balls. Throughout the book, the author quotes other famous golf writers of the day and shows where their instructions go awry, dispelling “false doctrine” every step of the way. In the author’s own words, “He who wishes to know golf to the core, must know what is in this book, all of which he can thoroughly understand without taking a club in his hands.”A great addition to your collection of “Golf Classics”.

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Azas Golf Training Device

Azas Golf Swing Bats
Azas Golf swing bats are there to help golfers improve their swing plane. Each bat ranges from 45 inches to 50 inches in length and from 500g to 700g in weight and are painted in 2 colours. At address and impact positions, both colours should be visible but at top and finish positions, only one colour should be visible. The weight of the bat enhances the feel of swinging on plane and the length of the bat emphasises the need to swing under control.
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