Azas Golf Training Device

Azas Golf Swing Bats
Azas Golf swing bats are there to help golfers improve their swing plane. Each bat ranges from 45 inches to 50 inches in length and from 500g to 700g in weight and are painted in 2 colours. At address and impact positions, both colours should be visible but at top and finish positions, only one colour should be visible. The weight of the bat enhances the feel of swinging on plane and the length of the bat emphasises the need to swing under control.
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ALIGNMED Posture shirt

This review is by Paul Wilson the inventor of ignition golf a swing methodology based on the Iron Byron Swing Machine.

AlignMed Technology Consists of:
Neurobands– Bands are composed of variable elasticity that mirror the contractive properties of muscles that train soft tissue and joints. This strengthens and aligns the body naturally by targeting specific anatomic zones, creating functional pull and neuromuscular stimulation.
Muscle Mapping– The strategic placement of the neurobands augments the kinetic movement of the muscles and creates the exact amount of tension and support required for each muscle.

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