Be a Player: A Breakthrough Approach to Playing Better ON the Golf Course by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson

Golf is a beloved yet technical game, so a sound swing and precise technique are essential. Most golfers who want to improve their skills go to the range and work painstakingly on their swings, not realizing it’s often their performance state on the course that needs work, not their technique. Simple things such as awareness of your balance, tension, and tempo, as well as the ability to control mental, emotional, and social variables you encounter while playing can quickly take your game to a new performance level. This book provides the roadmap to developing your unique human skills. In it, they walk you through the skills within the context of the game and provide you with explorations, exercises and mini-lessons to discover your best performance state on the golf course.
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Shoulder Align

Shoulder Align is a simple tool that helps correct one of the most common set-up faults in the golf swing. While most golfers understand the importance of good clubface and toe alignment to the target, very few are aware of the need for accurate shoulder alignment. Golfers get into the trap of thinking that if their feet are aligned that means their shoulders are too. Especially if you don’t stretch regularly and have back issues, as I do. My feet set-up changes to achieve aligned shoulders at set-up. Misaligned shoulders make it difficult to return the clubface squarely to the golf ball on the correct swing path and plane. ShoulderAlign provides a quick, visual reference for where your shoulders are aligned in your set-up. ShoulderAlign clips to the front of your shirt across your shoulder line and remains in place as you set-up and make your swing. With ShoulderAlign, you can have feedback about where your shoulders are pointing relative to your intended target line and make adjustments to correct it before you make your swing. Repeated practice with ShoulderAlign helps train your visual and kinesthetic keys for correct shoulder alignment in your swing and set-up.
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GOLF Shoulder Align

A Swing for Life by Nick Faldo

In this book, Faldo explains the principles behind his flowing, consistent swing — a swing to apply to every club in the bag. He discusses driving strategy, short game technique, bunker play, and the art of putting. Supporting these principles are superb photographs and specially commissioned artwork.
For experienced golfers, Faldo’s strategy on “working the ball” will surely fascinate, as will his philosophy of “taking your game to the course”. He stresses that practice and confidence go together — and this essential book, filled with the same drills and exercises he uses for tournament preparation, will inspire readers to create his or her own “swing for life”.
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bradan Golf Cards

bradan is the Irish Gaelic word for the salmon, which was believed to gain wisdom from eating hazelnuts that fell into the stream from overhanging branches. The word also meant a broad hillside in Old English. The game of golf was born in Scotland, a land of rolling hills and salmon, and a little wisdom is no bad thing when you are playing the challenging courses there. All coaching pro’s express themselves differently but the bradan cards keep it brief and simple which is what I imagine the majority of golfers want. The cards are a worthwhile addition to golf lessons; a lot of what is covered in a lesson is hard to retain, so a quick reference to the cards on whatever aspect of your game you’re working on is useful.
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GolfBand specialize in golf specific resistance products and golf conditioning programs. The products cater to all levels of golfer wishing to develop and improve their swing technique and physical condition using resistance technology. The concept of resistance band training is well recognized in most areas of the health, fitness, sports and wellness industry. GolfBand has taken this concept and produced a golf specific training aid and exercise program which develops and maintains strength and flexibility in muscles important to golf. The practice drills will improve your balance, stability and arm to body connection, for a more powerful, controlled and consistent swing.
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Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible by Fred Shoemaker with Pete Shoemaker

Golfers bring more than their clubs to the course; they also bring doubt, fear and excitement – and a lot of hope. They are so intent on looking good that they often end up looking bad.

This is a book that will change your mind, your play and your entire golfing experience. This is an approach to golf that stresses personal development, practical exercises are combined with a mental approach that will help you to enjoy golf more and to improve your game at the same time.
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