Swing Wizzard

The Swing Wizzard is a unique looking golf aid like no other. It looks like the inventor took two clubs and connected them at the grip ends. It’s claim to fame is showing golfers what a balanced effortless swing should feel like; also builds muscle memory allowing for more consistency and accuracy.

The Swing Wizzard will help improve:
• Set-up Position
• Take Away
• Shoulder Rotation
• Golf Swing Plane
• Golf Swing Path
• Wrist Hinge
• Golf Club Face Position
• Impact Position
• Hands Forward Position at Impact
• Timing and Tempo

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The Women’s Guide to Golf: A Handbook for Beginners by Kellie Stenzel

The Women’s Guide to Golf is a well-crafted and easy-to-understand golf instructional for women who are new to the game.

This book includes:
– A thorough explanation of the game
– Easy-to-understand instructions
– Suggestions on how to avoid embarrassment as a beginner
– Simple ways to remember what you’ve read
– Great anecdotes from the author’s experiences as a golfer and a teacher
– Over 75 black-and-white photos
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Practice, practice, practice…is so important in golf. However, in some places the winter months make it hard.
“Floppy the Indoor Golf Ball” allows golfers greater opportunity to practice in their home.

“The Floppy” is a practice golf ball that feels like a ball but is soft enough to bounce off a window or a wall. It allows you to practice your short game shots, build confidence, gain touch and improve feel any time, anywhere.
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Revenge of the Golf Gods by Howard Jahre

Ben Hogan, considered to be the greatest striker of the golf ball, would beat balls on the practice range until his hands bled. He once said that in a good round, he hit just three shots exactly the way he wanted. He understood that golf is more a game of misses than a game of perfection. Until a brash young amateur attempts to prove him wrong. When Gordon Howard, trust fund baby and amateur golfer par excellence, comes to the sudden realization that his cushy job working for his father’s mega hedge fund has been a colossal mistake, his world free-falls into a tailspin. Searching for fulfillment and meaning to his life, he throws caution to the wind and embarks on a mission to become a professional golfer on the PGA tour. His goal is to win the coveted US Open. Amidst the pressure of his level headed girlfriend to abandon his pipedream, Gordon is contacted by a man he has never met, who offers him what he has been desperately searching for, an infallible golf swing. But the price Gordon pays for such perfection is much more than he ever bargained for.

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Simple Swing Repeater

The SSR Training Brace (Simple Swing Repeater) is designed to keep the angle formed between the lead arm and shaft at address the same throughout the swing (maintains the address ulnar deviation).

(Note: There can be some flexion in the wrist movement but minimal)

You might be wondering with the wrist being restricted, does the device allow for the proper ulnar deviation, flexion and supination in the wrist at impact to produce “trailing” or “following” of the club head behind the hands aka lag? 

The SSR creator Pete Buchanan’s swing philosophy is different from the status quo because lag is something he doesn’t recommend. In his 16 years with John Jacobs School researching and watching tens of thousands of swings. Pete believes big changes in ulnar/radial deviation cause impact problems.

Pete Buchanan ” I have found that what I teach now is not only more simple – it is repeatable.”

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Golf Sense: Practical Tips on How to Play Golf in the Zone by Roy Palmer

The innovative techniques in Golf Sense will help you get into the zone to breakthrough the performance limiting habits holding you back and let you take greater control over your game.

You’ll learn how to:

1) Eradicate those annoying mistakes
2) Increase your distance by using less effort
3) Improve accuracy by not trying
4) Simplify your golf

You can do all this once you get into the zone, the ultimate state in which to play at your peak and take your game to levels beyond your expectations.
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Eyeline Golf Impact Cube

The Impact Cube was developed with Ed Bowe, Director of Instruction at Amelia Island. It is made of an ultra-durable Ballistic Nylon. It’s goal is to add distance and eliminate your slice! “Making swings against the Impact Cube will eliminate the “casting” move that robs distance and accuracy.”
It has 4 sides with 4 Impact positions:
1. The Wedge Lean side is slanted so a forward leaning Wedge matches the angle.
2. There is a 7 iron lean and a vertical Driver lean side, too.
3. There is also a round side.
4. Then the magic happens! Flip the Impact Cube on its top and you have a side (the Wedge Lean) that is slanted toward you. Set the ball “under” the slant and it is the ideal tool for teaching an inside attack angle and preventing the “over the top” move.
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How to Hit it Longer -Meet the EyeLine Golf Impact Cube

Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf by John Updike

John Updike wrote about the lure of golf for five decades, from the first time he teed off at the age of twenty-five until his final rounds at the age of seventy-six.

Golf Dreams collects the most memorable of his golf pieces, high-spirited evidence of his learning, playing, and living for the game. The camaraderie of golf, the perils of its present boom, how to relate to caddies, and how to manage short putts are among the topics he addresses, sometimes in lyrical essays, sometimes in light verse, sometimes in wickedly comic fiction. All thirty pieces have the lilt of a love song, and the crispness of a firm chip stiff to the pin.

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bradan Golf Cards

bradan is the Irish Gaelic word for the salmon, which was believed to gain wisdom from eating hazelnuts that fell into the stream from overhanging branches. The word also meant a broad hillside in Old English. The game of golf was born in Scotland, a land of rolling hills and salmon, and a little wisdom is no bad thing when you are playing the challenging courses there. All coaching pro’s express themselves differently but the bradan cards keep it brief and simple which is what I imagine the majority of golfers want. The cards are a worthwhile addition to golf lessons; a lot of what is covered in a lesson is hard to retain, so a quick reference to the cards on whatever aspect of your game you’re working on is useful.
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