Butch Harmon Right Grip Golf Gloves

How do you use the Right Grip Gloves?
1. Put on gloves as you would with ordinary golf gloves.
2. Hold your left hand palm up and lay the grip of your club across your fingers.
3. Gently close your left hand around the grip making sure the Soft Bar is on top of your grip. This will place the grip of the club in your fingers.
4. Hold your right hand palm up and lay the grip of the club across your fingers.
5. Gently close your right hand around the grip making sure the Soft Bar of the right hand is also on top of the grip. Both hands will now gently cradle the grip with the Right Grip.
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Jack Nicklaus, Jack Nicklaus’ Lesson Tee with Ken Bowden (1972)

“Overpracticing can make you a worse, instead of a better putter. Your main concern on the course is ‘feel’. That’s what you want to develop on the practice green. When you’ve got a good feel going, quit practicing. Don’t risk losing it by getting tired or losing your concentration. My objective when I practice putting is to achieve a fluid, rhythmic feeling between my hands and the ball in a well-timed stroke. When I get the desired sensation on six or seven putts in a row, I stop.”
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GoGolf GPS

GoGolf GPS is a device that uses an audio app to provide the distance to the center of the green. The device will audibly give you the distances you want even when you are in an adjacent fairway.

-Clips on to your glasses, visor, or cap!
-Wireless and audible… no need to look at your phone display
-No more guessing… just tap the side of GoGolf GPS for exact distance to the center of the green
-Over 30,000 courses supported and in most languages
-Works with any Bluetooth compatible device
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Bernard Darwin, “Walter Hagen” in The Darwin Sketchbook (Writings from 1910 to 1958)

“That Hagen had an overpowering effect in match play on some of his opponents was clear enough. His demeanour towards them, though entirely correct, had yet a certain suppressed truculence; he exhibited so supreme a confidence that they could not get it out of their minds and could not live against it. They felt him to be a killer and could not resist being killed. He had a very shrewd eye for their weaknesses and, strictly within the limits of what was honest and permissible, he would now and then exploit [it] to his own advantage.”
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The LowZone

Unlike other golf training products on the market which focus solely on technique, the LowZone is designed to let the user hone their technique by visually analyzing their performance through task-oriented training routines. In other words this aid makes practice more like play.

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The Bogey Man: A Month on the PGA Tour by George Plimpton

What happens when a weekend athlete of average skill at best joins the professional golf circuit? George Plimpton spent a month of self-imposed torture on the PGA tour to find out, meeting amateurs, pros, caddies, officials, fans and hangers-on along the way. In The Bogey Man we find golf legends, adventurers, stroke saving theories, superstitions, and other golfing lore, and best of all, Plimpton’s thoughts and experiences – frustrating, humbling and, sometimes, thrilling from the first tee to the last green.
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TPK Golf Putting Stick

The Putting Stick training aid features an adjustable back-swing stop to help control your swing, an easy-load ball ramp to identify stroke accuracy at impact and an eye-alignment mirror with a slotted base plate that slips onto the end of the stick. All of these aspects provide you with visual feedback on what is wrong with your form and swing by allowing you to monitor your eye-alignment, back-swing length, and stroke accuracy.
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Don’ts for Golfers by Sandy Green

Don’ts for Golfers was first published in 1925, as part of a series that included Blanche Ebbutt’s Don’ts for Husbands and Don’ts for Wives. This pocket-sized facsimile edition contains hundreds of tips for golfers of all abilities. The advice, ranging from technique and fashion to etiquette on the course and in the Club House, provides an entertaining snapshot of life in 1920s Britain.

‘Don’t over-indulge yourself in eating and drinking during the non-golfing days, and then expect to work off excess by “a good game of Golf.” You may play Golf of sorts, but it will not be a good game.’
‘Don’t make Golf your sole topic of conversation. There are a few otherwise quite intelligent persons who are non-golfers. You will never make converts if you bore non-players to distraction by forever talking of the Royal and Ancient Game.’
‘Don’t blame your clubs for faults of your own that may be easily corrected if you analyze your methods of using the implements.’
‘Don’t keep up a running fire of conversation during the round. Golf is a game in which thought is necessary and silence is preferable to chatter.’
‘Don’t irritate your opponent by wearing jazzy colours. To dazzle his eyes with a multi-coloured pull-over or peace-disturbing golf stockings is to take a mean advantage.’
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DuoTrac is a multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor device and mobile app that can be used in golf to improve your swing performance. It comes with 4 sensors: 2 sensors are attached to the club and 2 sensors are on the players hips.

The idea is to better capture what’s going on at more points in the swing, or more precisely what’s going wrong. DuoTrac reports data on clubface path, transition, face angle at impact and weight shift. Linked to your smartphone, the app assesses address position, backswing, downswing and impact with distinct thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons. The app also provides instant tips to attack trouble areas.