Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s premise in this 1957 classic is driven home in bold letters: “THE AVERAGE GOLFER IS ENTIRELY CAPABLE OF BUILDING A REPEATING SWING AND BREAKING 80.” Religions are founded on less, and Hogan’s detailed analyses and illustrated demonstrations of grip, stance, posture, and the two basic components of the swing make up a sacred book. Though its very simplicity seems dated, this is the tome of technique that should serve as the foundation of every golf library.
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Rex Elmore Trigger Golf Aid

Rex Elmore Trigger Golf Aid is a “muscle memory” resistance training exercise band that anchors into the green/ground and clips to the balance point of the putter shaft. By stretching and holding in the finish position of a straight stroke creates an “afterimage” sensation of a good stroke.
I found the patent for this aid but couldn’t find it being sold anywhere.
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Made from 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin, GelTees biodegrade within days of being left in the elements.With more than 2.8 billion wooden tees made annually in the US alone, GelTees could prevent the destruction of 70,000 trees per year and keep more than 1600 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. GelTees also act as a natural fertilizer when they biodegrade, becoming a source of nutrients for your course! The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
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The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods by Hank Haney

The Big Miss is Hank Haney’s candid account of his six-year journey with Tiger Woods, during which the supremely gifted golfer collected six major championships and rewrote golf history. Hank was one of the very few people allowed behind the curtain. He was with Tiger 110 days a year, spoke to him over 200 days a year, and stayed at his home up to 30 days a year, observing him in nearly every circumstance: at tournaments, on the practice range, over meals, with his wife, Elin, and relaxing with friends.

Tiger—only 28 at the time—was by then already an icon, judged by the sporting press as not only one of the best golfers ever, but possibly the best athlete ever. Already he was among the world’s highest paid celebrities. There was an air of mystery surrounding him, an aura of invincibility. Unique among athletes, Tiger seemed to be able to shrug off any level of pressure and find a way to win.

What Hank soon came to appreciate was that Tiger was one of the most complicated individuals he’d ever met, let alone coached. Although Hank had worked with hundreds of elite golfers and was not easily impressed, there were days watching Tiger on the range when Hank couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. On those days, it was impossible to imagine another human playing golf so perfectly.

And yet Tiger is human—and Hank’s expert eye was adept at spotting where Tiger’s perfection ended and an opportunity for improvement existed. Always haunting Tiger was his fear of “the big miss”—the wildly inaccurate golf shot that can ruin an otherwise solid round—and it was because that type of blunder was sometimes part of Tiger’s game that Hank carefully redesigned his swing mechanics.

There’s never been a book about Tiger Woods that is as intimate and revealing—or one so wise about what it takes to coach a superstar athlete.
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Alpha BRAIN For Golf

Alpha Brain is a nootropic, a nootropic is a dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions, such as memory, mental speed, and focus. I discovered it through listening to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (JRE Podcast Link). Check out below what Matt Every and Dustin Garza say alpha brain has done for their golf game.

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Pro Golfer Dustin Garza On Alpha BRAIN For Golf

PGA Pro Matt Every on Alpha BRAIN

Arnold Palmer, The Arnold Palmer Method (1959)

“Though I really hate to inject negative thinking into golf, sometimes it pays to be realistic. The truth is that even a great golfer can’t honestly expect to hit more than a few very good shots during a round of play. The golfer should develop the type of thinking that allows a pool player to plan future shots in advance. Every time you step up to a full shot, you should determine where you want your ball to finish if you should miss the shot…”
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