ZC5 provides the energy boost needed to get undead.
An elixir designed to optimize physical and mental performance with a boost of energy to bring the dead back to life.
Made with:
‡ Vitamin B6 – Plays a key role in cellular metabolism and production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein
‡ Vitamin B12 – Plays a key role in red blood cell formation, DNA synthesis, and energy metabolism
‡ Niacin – Plays a key role in converting fats, proteins and carbohydrates into usable energy
‡ Taurine – Plays a key role in electrolyte balance and cell membrane integrity; Improves athletic performance and exercise capacity; Improves brain function

Take it when you’re feeling like a Walker

Horace Hutchinson, Hints On The Game of Golf (1886)

“You will find that the more you get into the habit of making the vagaries of your surroundings an excuse for a bad stroke, the more real and powerful will their distracting influence become. If you can bring yourself to treat those trifling distractions, even when they have put you off your stroke, with the silent contempt they merit, you will soon grow to disregard them – whereby you will become a better golfer, and pleasanter.”
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Paul Parker, Head Professional, Buffalo Dunes Golf Course, Garden City, Kansas (2000)

“The average golfer golfs to get exercise and avoid problems. Don’t add another problem by having unrealistic expectations and buying $800 to $1,500 worth of equipment without careful consideration. If you buy expensive equipment off the rack, you are likely to be frustrated if you can’t improve. I’ll loan you the clubs during lessons, until you develop realistic expectations.”

Bobby Jones, “The Art of Good Putting” (1933)

“The correct mental picture of the putting stroke itself is that of a sweep. I like to feel that instead of driving the ball toward the hole, I am merely sweeping it over the turf. The two essential factors in, and characteristics of, this kind of stroke are a marked flatness of the vertical arc on which the club head is swung, and a good alignment, which prevents cutting across the ball. As to the former, the head of the putter should never rise abruptly from the turf, either in going back or following through after impact.”
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