Vari-Break Putting Mat by SKLZ

10 ft. long and 3 ft. wide with true-roll surface and adjustable breaks, this putting green simulates on-course conditions.

It includes:
1. Two foam wedges that contour the green to create the breaks found on the course.
2. A Putt Pocket that reduces the cup’s size to help you build more precise aiming and alignment. It also makes the cups out on the course look bigger, which helps you make more putts.

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Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game by Rick Sessinghaus

In Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game, Rick Sessinghaus maps out the mental and emotional skills needed to play your best golf. Throughout this book you will be learning the latest performance psychology skills to improve how you perform on and off the golf course. You will take on the challenging game of golf by learning to stay focused, block out distractions, develop confidence in your abilities and embrace pressure to play your best when it matters the most.
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Axis2Angle Golf Swing Trainer

Axis2Angle Swing Trainer teaches golfers through muscle memory and correct repetitive motions to find their consistency in their golf swing. It’s focus is to try to keep and maintain the spine and shaft angle in and throughout the golf swing. It also helps improve your swing by getting and keeping you in a correct stance.

You will stay with your swing through the point of impact, learning to avoid an early release. You will also learn to stay down on the ball, rather than pulling up too early compromising ball contact.
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Putter Wheel

The Putter Wheel is designed to replicate the size, weight and feel of an actual golf ball. It is engineered to be highly sensitive to mis-hits, resulting in wobbling and curving off the intended line showing you instant feedback.

The red beveled edges help train golfers to get their eyes directly over the ball. The corresponding alignment template is also an important part of the Putter Wheel system. Once you have trained yourself to roll the Putter Wheel smoothly on line, you can deploy that mental visualization on the course by drawing 2 parallel lines on your game ball with the alignment tool.
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Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game by Dr. Gio Valiante

A detailed plan for conquering the FEAR that sabotages swings and ruins psyches, from the pioneering psychologist whose techniques have benefited Davis Love III, Justin Leonard, and numerous other world-class golfers

Dr. Gio Valiante has studied the sources of an athlete’s fear, investigated the physiological and neurological impact of fear on performance. Most important of all, developed a groundbreaking program for conquering it.

Emphasizing the need to replace a fixation-on-results with a commitment to mastery of one’s body and one’s mind, Valiante’s approach will not only help golfers reach their true potential, it will make playing every round fun again. Through concrete confidence and mastery drills, he presents specific ways readers can break free of fear’s grasp and perform at their best—even under the most extreme pressure.
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Speed Trap by Eyeline Golf

The Speed Trap was developed to help you do two things, hit it longer and straighter…

This is accomplished by doing 2 things:

1. Trap the Ball- Catch the ball and then the turf. The Polycarbonate base tells you instantly if you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat.

2. Swing On-Plane- When you learn to swing the club between the Speed Rods, your club will be on plane and on path. This is great to help eliminate a slice or hook.
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Haas Golf 180

Haas Golf 180 was designed to simplify the golf swing by using feel instead of thought. It pulls the hands and arms, using the most direct route to the positions most common in all correct golf swings – the 180 degree positions.

Utilizing 4 drills, golfers need to align the grip attachment with the tension tube and swing or swing and align. The backswing, downswing and follow through can be memorized using feel. This helps provide the components to a correct golf swing.
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The Women’s Guide to Golf: A Handbook for Beginners by Kellie Stenzel

The Women’s Guide to Golf is a well-crafted and easy-to-understand golf instructional for women who are new to the game.

This book includes:
– A thorough explanation of the game
– Easy-to-understand instructions
– Suggestions on how to avoid embarrassment as a beginner
– Simple ways to remember what you’ve read
– Great anecdotes from the author’s experiences as a golfer and a teacher
– Over 75 black-and-white photos
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