The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods by Hank Haney

The Big Miss is Hank Haney’s candid account of his six-year journey with Tiger Woods, during which the supremely gifted golfer collected six major championships and rewrote golf history. Hank was one of the very few people allowed behind the curtain. He was with Tiger 110 days a year, spoke to him over 200 days a year, and stayed at his home up to 30 days a year, observing him in nearly every circumstance: at tournaments, on the practice range, over meals, with his wife, Elin, and relaxing with friends.

Tiger—only 28 at the time—was by then already an icon, judged by the sporting press as not only one of the best golfers ever, but possibly the best athlete ever. Already he was among the world’s highest paid celebrities. There was an air of mystery surrounding him, an aura of invincibility. Unique among athletes, Tiger seemed to be able to shrug off any level of pressure and find a way to win.

What Hank soon came to appreciate was that Tiger was one of the most complicated individuals he’d ever met, let alone coached. Although Hank had worked with hundreds of elite golfers and was not easily impressed, there were days watching Tiger on the range when Hank couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. On those days, it was impossible to imagine another human playing golf so perfectly.

And yet Tiger is human—and Hank’s expert eye was adept at spotting where Tiger’s perfection ended and an opportunity for improvement existed. Always haunting Tiger was his fear of “the big miss”—the wildly inaccurate golf shot that can ruin an otherwise solid round—and it was because that type of blunder was sometimes part of Tiger’s game that Hank carefully redesigned his swing mechanics.

There’s never been a book about Tiger Woods that is as intimate and revealing—or one so wise about what it takes to coach a superstar athlete.
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Bernard Darwin, “Walter Hagen” in The Darwin Sketchbook (Writings from 1910 to 1958)

“That Hagen had an overpowering effect in match play on some of his opponents was clear enough. His demeanour towards them, though entirely correct, had yet a certain suppressed truculence; he exhibited so supreme a confidence that they could not get it out of their minds and could not live against it. They felt him to be a killer and could not resist being killed. He had a very shrewd eye for their weaknesses and, strictly within the limits of what was honest and permissible, he would now and then exploit [it] to his own advantage.”
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Alignment Pro

Designed to help golfers optimize putting, chipping and full swing performance, this aid features a “hinged” design that rotates in a smooth motion every 1° for personalized practice. Alignment Pro also comes with a regular alignment Stick. It is a compact design that easily fits into your golf bag pocket.

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On Learning Golf by Percy Boomer

The War & Peace of golf. A quaint old classic from 1946, with an intro by the Duke of Windsor. In this book the basic ideas taught by many golf instructors can be found, as well as the basics of golf psychology, conveyed through Boomer’s unique blend of humour and anecdote. Percy Boomer taught his students to control the swing by feel, rather than by thought. He urged his students to learn a proper swing through intuition rather than by trying to understand the mechanics of a shot. For your swing, use the mental image of turning within a barrel. Focus on making a good swing and not on the outcome of the shot. Practice without a hole to learn the feel. Generations of golfers, instructors and writers have learned from Boomer’s methods and passed them onto tens of thousands more but now the modern golfer can go back to the source and learn directly from Percy Boomer.
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DualHinge Irons by Medicus

The Club That Breaks When You Make A Mistake!

The Medicus DualHinge club line was created to help golfers identify and correct their swing flaws. When a Medicus club is swung off plane or off tempo, it will break at any of the 9 primary breakpoints – pinpointing which elements of the golf swing need help.

The DualHinge is adjustable, allowing for incremental changes as golfers improve – challenging their muscles and preventing training plateaus. Once your swing is on path, the club will remain intact- maximizing distance, accuracy, and ball flight.

Features and goals of the DualHinge irons include:
-9 Primary Breakpoints
-Instant Flaw Detection
-Eliminate Slices and Hooks
-Achieve Smooth Tempo
-Fix Swing Plane and Path

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Jelly Expander

The Jelly Expander will help you hit the golf ball further by providing you better balance and looser, more relaxed muscles. This product aids in strengthening and stretching out your core muscle groups in your shoulders, upper arms, upper torso, and lower legs. Use this prior to swinging a golf club. You will see higher performance in your golf game and become less prone to injuries.

The Jelly Expander comes in different resistances.
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David Leadbetter Golf Instruction DVD: Faults & Fixes with Nick Price

In this release designed to help golfers guard against everyday errors, golf coach David Leadbetter teams with ball striker Nick Price to identify common problems and offer useful advice on how to fix them. Topics covered include swing technique, set-up, body angles and their effect on rhythm and balance, shaping shots, and developing a routine.
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Pitch Grip


The Pitch Grip trains the right hand to maintain lag pressure.
What is lag pressure? The lag pressure is a pressure and ‘driving force’ in your hands/grip.

Pitch Grip accomplishes this by having the left hand form built into the grip. The golfer enjoys the same leverage and pressure points the right hand normally feels, without the overpowering left hand.

Where is the lag pressure stored?
The Trigger Finger Channel

Increasing the circumference for index finger control gives noticeable feedback to the golfer.
The Trigger Finger Channel makes it possible for golfers of all levels to understand how the index finger can actually control the club head. Just like throwing a ball, the right hand has coordination that will be understood in the golf swing with the help of this feature.
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