PIN Training Aid

Practicing with the training aid, slow swinging, and then precisely aligning the small hole on the pin. It forces a golfer to increase his precision throughout the swing arc and especially at impact point to the extreme. When slowly guiding the hole on the imaginary wire, and then striving to align the small hole on the pin without hitting the borders of the hole, with full attention—as if fighting for life—one can feel pins and needles throughout the body, arms, hands, fingers. That is wanted.

This feeling of precision must then be transferred to the swing. If a golfer jumps directly to swinging with speed, that feeling will be an impossibility. The solution to this problem, in transition, is Ben Hogan’s slow motion drill. The golfer practices a slow backswing, downswing, and now he has extra time to call up the sensations he programmed on the device. He has the time to call up the feeling of extreme precision, ever so slightly hitting the ball on the sweet spot and continuing with the follow through.
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Down to Scratch by Abe Mitchell

“This book contains practically all that I know about how to play golf. In it I have set down, as honestly as my powers of analysis can guide me, all that I do or try to do to get length and control. And since I hold that power and control are the things that matter if a man is to play to scratch, I offer this book to the golfing public in the sincere hope that it will set them off on the road to lower figures. The treatment differs from that usually adopted in that I have endeavoured to deal not so much with the way to use certain clubs or to make certain strokers as with the correct way to use the parts of the body to get power. For power enables a man to play within himself, and so with control; no one can play controlled shots if he is struggling for length.”
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Setup Eye

The world’s first handheld alignment system for golfers, with 100% accurate viewfinder, active alignment and target lock technology.
* One of the most important aspect of any golfers game is the alignment/setup.
* The PGA website tells us that 95% of all “swing flaws” can be traced back to the setup position. Or as 18 time major champion Jack Nicklaus once said  “if you setup to the ball poorly, you’ll hit a lousy golf shot even if you make the greatest swing in the world”.
* Imagine if you could eliminate the guesswork from your setup – if you could be sure of the perfect setup every stroke, on the golf course as well as on the practice ground!
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The Smart Golf club is the world’s first swing analyzer and practice club with built-in sensors all in one device, that allows players to practice their swing anytime and anywhere. At home, in your office, or even at your favorite bar! The app follows and analyzes your swing and offers coaching advice. The Smart Golf club has 9-axis sensors including gyrometer & accelerometer sensors built-in, which track the club’s movement and measure every detail of the golf swing precisely. This data is collected and transferred with the club’s very own Wi-Fi transmitter to the Smart Golf App. In the App, the swing data is displayed and visualized through a 3D customization avatar, providing a golf training experience. The Smart club fully measures the swing, including the maximum club speed and face movement through the impact zone and even provides you an impact analysis function, which shows you every detail of your face and path angle. Therefore, SMARTGOLF users will get a better understanding on their swing mechanism and what exactly is happening on the impact point. Unlike other mobile swing trainer and analyzer, the Smart Golf App also transforms the Smart club into a golf simulator by allowing users to play on realistic golf courses in its game mode. SMARTGOLF users are able to connect the club to all available Smart devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC) and watch their swing on the company’s App (available for iOS, Android & Windows).
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Smart Golf club: The next level of swing trainer