Instant Golfer

INSTANT GOLFER is a golf training machine invented by former World Cup and SA Open Champion, Wayne Westner. The INSTANT GOLFER lets you feel the natural swing and is adjustable in height, plane and arm length. The unique attachment enables an individual to learn the exact hand and arm plane for themselves as well as the correct hand motion in the swing. It is good for beginners as it teaches the natural feel from the outset. The INSTANT GOLFER prevents the individual from making common faults like, reverse pivoting, swaying, head movement, bending of the arm and changing planes incorrectly. It’s light, manageable and can be used by everyone, anywhere.

Poly Max Extremes

Poly Max Extremes FAQ’S

Q. How does it work?

PME’s remove up to 1,000 rpm’s from your drive. Less back spin means more ground roll forward on all drives.

Q. How are Poly Max Extremes applied?
PME’s come in a fast peel n stick application,and remove easily. Its also recommended to remove them after a few rounds of golf and replaced with a fresh new PME.

Q. Do Poly Max fall off after striking a ball?
No Poly Max Extremes remain on till you remove them.

Q. I notice Fantastic distance right away while using Poly Max, How does such a thin material work so well?
PME’s were designed to work together with the sweet spot of your clubs, The Poly Max Extreme material, is trade secretely formulated for extreme cushioning and even distribution for a faster rebound every time.

Q. I’ve had great success using Poly Max, but find they work the best on my driver, do you make them for putters also?
PME’s were designed for drivers and fairway woods but can also be used on Irons as well, a little trimming may be needed. We don’t make them for putters because nobody needs a long hitting putter.

Q. Do Poly Max come in different colors like Wrap-Guard?
No PME’s come in a discreet clear so that no distractions or attention is drawn to your clubs.

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Poly Max Extremes & Comedian Bil Dwyer Hilarious

What Professional Golfers Don’t want you To Know. Dirty Secrets Exposed.

Every Shot Must Have a Purpose: How GOLF54 Can Make You a Better Player by Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson, and Ron Sirak

Two legendary coaches give golfers a powerful new approach to the game… and to life.
As coaches to some of golf’s top players, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott have designed and refined a revolutionary way of teaching the game, with phenomenal results. They don’t believe in prescribing the same stance, grip, and swing to everyone, followed by hours of purposeless drilling. They don’t even believe in beginning with physical technique. Their success has proven to them that a great game begins with a great vision.

Every Shot Must Have a Purpose offers techniques for integrating the physical, technical, mental, emotional, and social parts of a player’s game. The book’s pre-shot routine will improve your focus, leading to a golf swing that is not only successful but can be repeated under extreme pressure. Emphasizing the individual golfer rather than a rigid set of mechanics, their VISION54 method takes the frustration out of the game. Why 54? Because they believe it’s possible to shoot a 54 (making a birdie on every hole of a par-72 course) if you have the right mind-set and well-honed intuitive power.

An engaging read for the beginner or the seasoned golfer, Every Shot Must Have a Purpose is inspiration for life, not just the links.
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Golf’s Incline Trainer

Practice ranges are flat, golf courses are hilly. Golf’s Incline Trainer will allow golfers to practice hitting shots from sloping lies. This adjustable training aid will give you uphill, downhill and side hill lies on your driving range or practice facility. Golf’s Incline Trainer will also help golf instruction. Players that ‘hit over the top’, a common fault, can be corrected by hitting from an uphill lie on Golf’s Incline Trainer. In the downhill position, the student will learn to ‘stay in the shot’. The sloping lies created will help correct swing faults in a player’s swing. Practice as you play, and you will play as you practice!
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Set Up Rite Golf Stance Mat

Fairway Enterprises in Stourbridge, West Midlands presents the Set Up Rite golf stance mat. Designed and developed by an ex-professional golfer with more than 40 years golfing experience. The mat is very simple, making setup easier and more consistent. Take the mat to the driving range and practice good habits not bad. Weighing under 2 kilograms it is easily transportable, just roll up and place back into your golf bag when finished.
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The ZoomTee is aerodynamically designed for driving distance. By measuring the air travel using a computer animated directional wind tunnel, they found that having the grooves in the tee increased the ball speed as the pocket of air traveled in front of the golf club at impact, thus making the ball turn forward for the ultimate driving distance.

ZoomTee features:  

  • The platform shape with a slotted cup allows the golf ball to sit up for less friction at impact.
  • Height guide for perfect sweet-spot alignment on every drive.
  • Constructed from a durable, green keeper friendly material. 
  • The blade was designed for repairing ball marks and cleaning iron grooves.
  • Available in 5 hard to lose colors red, white, blue, yellow & now pink
  • With a unique flat spot these tees are ideal for custom printing to advertise and promote your business or golf event.
  • New graphic printed USA themed ZoomTees 

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