Arnold Palmer, The Arnold Palmer Method (1959)

“Though I really hate to inject negative thinking into golf, sometimes it pays to be realistic. The truth is that even a great golfer can’t honestly expect to hit more than a few very good shots during a round of play. The golfer should develop the type of thinking that allows a pool player to plan future shots in advance. Every time you step up to a full shot, you should determine where you want your ball to finish if you should miss the shot…”
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The Laser Tee

The Laser Tee is placed in the ground or on its stands and pointed at your target. When turned on, the laser will be emitted 90 degrees from the device and reflect onto the inside heel of the leading foot, or on the ground directly in front of your stance. Depending what club you intend to use will determine where to position the center of the ball in relationship to the markings on the Laser Tee. Then use the Laser Tee to set both feet parallel to target line. The device consistently positions your leading foot to the ball for every club.

Having the Laser Tee and the ball placed in position, you can move in and out addressing the ball to take practice swings and always guarantee returning to the correct position.
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On Learning Golf by Percy Boomer

The War & Peace of golf. A quaint old classic from 1946, with an intro by the Duke of Windsor. In this book the basic ideas taught by many golf instructors can be found, as well as the basics of golf psychology, conveyed through Boomer’s unique blend of humour and anecdote. Percy Boomer taught his students to control the swing by feel, rather than by thought. He urged his students to learn a proper swing through intuition rather than by trying to understand the mechanics of a shot. For your swing, use the mental image of turning within a barrel. Focus on making a good swing and not on the outcome of the shot. Practice without a hole to learn the feel. Generations of golfers, instructors and writers have learned from Boomer’s methods and passed them onto tens of thousands more but now the modern golfer can go back to the source and learn directly from Percy Boomer.
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David Leadbetter Golf Instruction DVD: Faults & Fixes with Nick Price

In this release designed to help golfers guard against everyday errors, golf coach David Leadbetter teams with ball striker Nick Price to identify common problems and offer useful advice on how to fix them. Topics covered include swing technique, set-up, body angles and their effect on rhythm and balance, shaping shots, and developing a routine.
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The SNAGazoo is a golf training aid designed to develop the angle between hands and arms during a pitch shot. When the player swings to the 9 o’clock position, their target arm and the SNAGazoo form an “L”. If this is done correctly the device will produce a sound. If done incorrectly the device makes no sound.

HIS FATHER’S SON Earl and Tiger Woods by Tom Callahan

This book takes an intimate look at the lives of Tiger Woods and his father Earl.
“Tom Callahan explains Earl, Tiger and their complicated relationship like never before, based on ten years of conversations with both father and son. Throughout the book Earl and Tiger serve as color commentators for Tiger’s fourteen major championships.”
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