Spine-A-Lin’r is a golf swing trainer that expedites the golf learning process by forcing your upper body into the correct position throughout the sequence of the golf swing! You wear it like a coat, simply put your arm through the right arm slot then left and adjust the velcro connection in the center of your back to fit snug.

# 1: The elastic resistance forces your shoulder blades down and back to open up your chest and allow your shoulders to work from a better position. As you take practice golf swings you will feel less pressure on your lower spine and this helps maintain center of balance and posture.

# 2: It produces a one-piece take-away. Your upper body, arms and shoulders will turn together working as one unit, with less emphasis on your hands and arms. This helps maintain the “triangle” shape throughout the sequence of the golf swing.

# 3: The elastic resistance will keep your arms close to your body from address to follow through, preventing flying elbows and chicken wings. Also, the elastic resistance will strengthen and increase shoulder turn and flexibility of your upper back, restrict you from over-swinging on the backswing and force your arms to swing through to the target.

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The evolution of alignment rods

1. Parallel design
Top and bottom rods are always parallel.

2. Adjustable strings
Use the adjustable strings to create your own swing path/chute. Practice with a narrow swing chute to perfect your swing. Adjust strings up or down from each other to create specific in-to-out or out-to-in swing path.

3. Collapsible fit
1 piece collapsible design.

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Swing Whistle

Having a good rhythm is so important in golf. Sometimes it could literally make or break your shot. Check out this golf rhythm training aid I came across that aims to help train golfers to have a better tempo in their swing…

The Swing Whistle enhances the sound of maximum clubhead speed. The Whistle alerts you when you force clubhead speed using your wrists and hands. A solid golf swing will whistle at IMPACT!”

-Audibly alerts you to find your maximum clubhead speed, your swing should WHISTLE AT IMPACT!
-Works with your own equipment
-Corrects “casting” and “fat shots” identified by an “early” whistle. Trains timing, tempo and effective clubhead speed
-Compact and inexpensive, fits in your golf bag
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Swing Whistle How to video