INSTANT GOLFER is a golf training machine invented by former World Cup and SA Open Champion, Wayne Westner. The INSTANT GOLFER lets you feel the natural swing and is adjustable in height, plane and arm length. The unique attachment enables an individual to learn the exact hand and arm plane for themselves as well as the correct hand motion in the swing. It is good for beginners as it teaches the natural feel from the outset. The INSTANT GOLFER prevents the individual from making common faults like, reverse pivoting, swaying, head movement, bending of the arm and changing planes incorrectly. It’s light, manageable and can be used by everyone, anywhere.

Instant Golfer

3 thoughts on “Instant Golfer

  • I am well aware of the story of Wayne, and was curious as to the status of the device he was never able to take to market.
    If it still exists and not yet in production, I’d like to discuss the potential.
    Thank you,
    Mike Keller

    1. Yes, horrible story. I know the Instant golfer is not sold anymore. I could not find any contact info either. Check out the Swing Duke https://www.swingduke.com , it is a very similar device. What did you have in mind regarding the Instant Golfer?

    2. Hi Mike

      I have information about the InstantGolfer as I worked for the company.

      My no. 0713553188

      You can contact me via WhatsApp.

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