Hi Welcome to the site, I want to tell you a little about myself and why I built this site. I have been playing golf for around 8 years. I buy anything to improve my golf game, aids, books, and yes golf lessons. I have made a lot of bad purchases through the years because of bad reviews or golf aid misinformation (promising improvements but not delivering). I am going to be honest with the products and yes I will recommend not buying products or alternatives to home made DIY training aids. I hope this helps you become a better consumer for golf aids so you do not make the same mistakes as I have and improve your golf game. I will review the golfing aids with a research method approach. That means I will search the internet, blogs, review sites, golf professionals and of course regular golfers and tell you what they all said, then I will use the product myself. After all that I will give you a conclusion of what everyone thinks of the product. This approach I think will be better because some aids will work for some people because it fixes a particular problem they have in their golf swing, but it might not help you unless you have the same problem. I believe swing aids are great but you need to know what problem you need to fix, so you can buy the aid that fixes that problem.


  • The average golfer never reaches a handicap lower than the mid-teens
  • Committing to regular practice is the most important thing you can do…
  • Golfers who use training aids or other instructional material improve faster than those who don’t

If you guys want something reviewed or need free golf instruction material shoot me a message at golfaidreviews@gmail.com