Hank Haney Power Release Trainer $19.99
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- Easy to use - Helps to produce a consistent place where your club face turns over
- Some people found the device awkward and difficult to swing with - Weighted Clubs decrease swing speed - Weighted Clubs could mess up your rhythm
Hank Haney Power Release Trainer

3 thoughts on “Hank Haney Power Release Trainer

  • I saw a green “speed stick” trainer by Hank Haney which also tells the swing speed, but can’t find it on line.

    1. Hi Hank,
      I could not find an aid that Hank Haney endorses that tells you the swing speed or is green. Could it be this aid https://www.b1bluestrikegolf.com ? Haney endorses a bunch of other aids like the plane finder and the speed stick (but that one is orange not green)https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cDQvb1jOF1. Check them out and let me know if I hit the nail on the head. If not, maybe you can give me a description of the aid and Il keep looking.

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