Harrison Shotmaker


What Does the Shotmaker Do?
The Shotmaker does two things: it dampens impact shock (but not residual vibration), and it significantly reduces or eliminates shaft deformation. “My Golf Spy Labs” explains how it works (a great source that provides credible information).

The following are the condensed version of their results…

“1) Accuracy: Improved accuracy by 45%!

2) Lower Spin Rates: Average backspin rates dropped by 3.4%. The impact the Shotmaker had on side spin was slightly more impressive. Average side spin rates dropped by 229 RPMs, which is a 38% drop from the non-Shotmaker totals.

3) Produces More Solid Shots/Insignificant Impact on Stiffness: It’s very hard to prove or disprove “more solid shots”. Where feel is concerned, or testers either told us they felt no difference, or that the club felt more stable with the Shotmaker installed.

4) Has an Insignificant Effect on Trajectory: Comparing both vertical launch angles and total shot height leads us to once again agree with Harrison’s claims. With the Shotmaker installed, the apex of the trajectory decreased by less than 1 yard, while the average launch angle decreased by only .3 degrees.

5) Does not Alter Swingweight: With the grip cap installed, we’re inclined to disagree ever-so-slightly with Harrison’s claims. There are of course mitigating circumstances (grip weight, and the how close to the hosel the Shotmaker is installed), but in both clubs we tested, we found that the Shotmaker added approximately 1/2 of 1 swingweight point. Although negligible, it does constitute a change in swingweight.

6) Distance: Though distance isn’t the major selling point of the Shotmaker, our testers actually increased overall distance by nearly 3 yards, while increasing carry distance by 2. From a percentage standpoint the gains are largely insignificant, but hey…this is golf, and 3 yards is 3 yards.”

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