Super Speed Golf

Super Speed Golf Training System

  • What is Overspeed Training?Overspeed is when a golfer moves their body at higher-than-normal speeds. An Overspeed workout requires golfers to swing as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of swinging with their standard driver. SuperSpeed training protocols activate  muscular motor units in synchronized patterns and recruit new motor units within the same muscle.
  • Why would I use the SuperSpeed Training System?
    • Increase swing speed
    • Strengthen core musculature
  • How does increased swing speed affect my distance?
    • 1 MPH = ~2.6 Yards of carry distance (*2010 study of PGA Tour players’ drives)


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Hypnosis Golf Aid

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Colin and Scott discuss the latest golf tips for improving your game, plus look at new ultra-cool gadgets to make you the golfer with the most mojo.

Golf Hypnosis – does it work?
The mental game of golf is critical to success for any golfer. It is a little known fact that many of the top PGA players (including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson) have used hynosis as a way to improve their mental game. Wayne Lee is a hypnotist that demonstrates some mental techniques to improve your visualization skills and help you relax during your swing.




What is it?
-swingOIL is a dietary supplement designed for golfers.

What are the key ingredients?
swingOIL contains a blend of 7 ingredients.
-Taurine – 100mg
-Citrulline Malate – 100mg
-Ginseng Extract – 100mg
-Rhodiola Rosea Extract – 50mg
-Glucosomine – 100mg
-Chondroitin – 50mg
-Tumeric Extract – 40mg

When should you drink swingOIL?
-swingOIL company recommends drinking it daily.
-15 minutes before tee-time and during your round as well.

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Tee-Up Compact

NORTHCROFT GOLF have been added to my review list!!! I am very excited to review The Tee-Up Compact.The product is aimed towards “taking the strain out of your game”! NORTHCROFT GOLF have a range of “bend free” products to help golfers keep playing the game they love. Thank you NORTHCROFT GOLF for allowing me the opportunity to try out the product!!! Keep posted for the review…meanwhile check out their homepage:



I am very excited to announce that I will be doing a review on CRAFTSMAN head covers. Thank you CRAFTSMAN for kindly asking me to try and review your products! Below are the head covers I will be testing out. I normally do not review golf accessories, but I couldn’t help but say YES because their products look like high quality head covers, also they are beautifully made…and come on, what kind of golfer could say no to beautiful head covers that help compliment their set of clubs??!! Stay tune for the review everyone!


The Swing Boss

Hi Everyone
I have contacted the Swing Boss company asking if they would like a review on their product. I am excited to let you know they have agreed and the swing boss will be the next product reviewed on the blog. I want to thank Swing Boss for providing a free sample and giving me the opportunity to review their product. Take a look at the pictures and check out their website, if anyone has used this product please shoot me an email, any feedback is appreciated 🙂
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the swing bosssocial picswing boss post

Center Gravity Ball (CGB)

Center Gravity Ball $39.95
7.1 Reviewer
- Provides accurate feedback through ball movement (if your initial setup is good) - If your stroke is off, the CGB won’t lie. - Easier on your back than similar aids (Ie. the pill, putting wheel, etc...because you don't have to stand up the ball every time). You can just maneuver it into place with your putter rather than bending down and having to stand it up every time. - No matter what your putting style is, this aid gives golfers feedback on their impact - The geometric shape of the Center Gravity Ball provides better feedback than other aids (refer below for further explanation) - Can use with wedges (chipping) - Portable
- Setting up the CGB can be time consuming - Not easy to align - More expensive than competitors (the pill and putter wheel) but on the flip side it provides better feedback

Swing Profile

Three versions (Free/Elite/Coach)
9.4 Reviewer
- Free to try, Easy to use, App works really well - Makes swings easy to compare so you can find your swing fault (refer below in review for further explanation) - The setup is hardest part without a stand (I made a diy stand) - Great app for practice (refer below in review for further explanation) - Revolutionary technology!!!! Nothing that comes close to it!
- Lacks on the drawing tools (other apps have different colors and shapes you can draw with) - All features worked perfectly except the auto plane line feature (On the positive side, you can manually adjust the plane line in the app) - Even if you are able to figure out your swing fault with the app, you might not know how to fix it. That being said, you need to know that there is a problem before you can fix it and that is what the app can provide...a greater chance that you will figure out your swing fault. - Not available on andriod devices

GripIt Rite

8.6 Reviewer
- Can use the training grip with all your own clubs, during practice or play - There are different sizes (jr, small, regular, womens) - Can adjust it to be neutral, weak, or strong with the scope - inconspicuous device (other players won't notice if you're using the device) - Feels like you're holding your normal grip cause the bottom is your own grip
- Not Easy to take on & off clubs; the difficulty will depend on the the grip size & type (multiple customers on various review sites stated that) - After a few swings the grip aid moves, then you have to realign the aid with the scope - Does not address all aspects of a good grip (grip pressure, short thumb vs long thumb etc. read more below in effectiveness) - If you have really big hands or small hands it might be an issue if you pick the wrong size (I say this because you can't open up the package and try the aid out ex. small male hands might need a womens grip rite)


Benderstik $99.95
7.3 Reviewer
- Versatile tool that can be used to train many aspects of the swing - Provides negative feedback to build muscle memory - Great if you know specifically what you need to work on in your swing - Good tool for golf instructors - Light-weight so you can carry it in your golf bag
- You need to self-diagnose your swing flaws (might be difficult for beginners) - Expensive training aid - Could use a broken golf shaft and pool noodle (look under cheaper alternative below for drills you can do without buying the Benderstik package) - The dvd is good but could be overwhelming for golfer