David Leadbetter Golf Instruction DVD: Faults & Fixes with Nick Price

In this release designed to help golfers guard against everyday errors, golf coach David Leadbetter teams with ball striker Nick Price to identify common problems and offer useful advice on how to fix them. Topics covered include swing technique, set-up, body angles and their effect on rhythm and balance, shaping shots, and developing a routine.
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Orange Whip Wedge

The Orange Whip Wedge is the result of the collaboration between the developer of the Orange Whip Jim Hackenberg and short game expert Stan Utley. The wedge will develop the ability to impact the ball with consistency and improve your margin for error. The wedge combines the Orange Whip counterweighted flexible shaft system with a Stan Utley inspired wedge head to help you maximize your short game around the greens and lower your scores.
• Promotes short game rhythm and feel
• Trains solid contact for improved distance and accuracy
• Develops sequencing of body, arms, and club head release
• Enhances creativity and feel for shots around the green
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Inline Golf Swing Buddy

The Swing Buddy provides visual feedback on the initial starting direction of the golf ball. It does not determine/provide feedback on the amount of curvature (hook or slice spin) which is determined by club path relative to club face.

Inventors Instructions
“The purpose for the Inline golf Swing Buddy is to keep your swing inline at all times by hitting the golf ball through the fence every time you set it up. The Swing Buddy keeps your golf ball at center mass in flight. You should hit the golf ball through the fence center mass each time. The large inline arrow stays in the down position and points towards the green at all times.  You must hit the golf ball through the fence at all times. “

Inventors Directions
“You must first unfold the steel legs and lock the device into place. Place the Swing Buddy one inch in front of a golf ball. Slide out the one inch marker underneath the body of the device with the inline arrow pointing toward the green. Push down slightly with the foot and make sure it is level to the soil below the golf ball. This system can be used with or without a tee. Raise all flat arrows in the upward position except the inline arrow it stays down at all times; they will snap in place. You are now ready to hit the golf ball with the swing buddy. Your swing should come from 90′ degrees to 0′ degrees keeping your swing inline with the arrow pointing toward the green. Check your swing and make corrections using the swing buddy arrows and markings.”

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HIS FATHER’S SON Earl and Tiger Woods by Tom Callahan

This book takes an intimate look at the lives of Tiger Woods and his father Earl.
“Tom Callahan explains Earl, Tiger and their complicated relationship like never before, based on ten years of conversations with both father and son. Throughout the book Earl and Tiger serve as color commentators for Tiger’s fourteen major championships.”
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Bernard Darwin, “Walter Hagen” in The Darwin Sketchbook (Writings from 1910 to 1958)

“That Hagen had an overpowering effect in match play on some of his opponents was clear enough. His demeanour towards them, though entirely correct, had yet a certain suppressed truculence; he exhibited so supreme a confidence that they could not get it out of their minds and could not live against it. They felt him to be a killer and could not resist being killed. He had a very shrewd eye for their weaknesses and, strictly within the limits of what was honest and permissible, he would now and then exploit [it] to his own advantage.”
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HackersRx Full Game Training Station

HackersRx Full Game Training Station is a small, collapsible, portable teaching and training device consisting of three telescoping rods and two plastic golf balls that can be unfolded into a “T” configuration and is adjustable for a variety of club positions that will fit in any golf bag. It gives the golfer consistent reference points on all clubs and desired shot shapes.
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Golf Record Book by Andrew La Brooy

Ask yourself these questions. Do you really know your golf game? Do you know which strokes and clubs you control the ball with consistently? Most people talk about how far they hit the ball. Very rarely do you hear them speak about how well they controlled the ball, how many times they hit the fairway or how many putts they had. You might say practice harder, that is the only way you win! But what should you practice? Grip, posture, irons, woods, putts, chips, bunkers? The list is endless. I encourage you to learn and improve by targeting your weaknesses and supervising your practice. My advice to anyone is to keep record of your game. How many fairways and greens you hit, how many shots you take to get the ball into the hole from a bunker, and how many putts you take for 18 holes. By providing a clear record of your games, you can pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses. In short this is what the book talks about.
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