Golf Anatomy by Craig Davies and Vince DiSaia

Golf Anatomy will show you how to lower your score by increasing strength, power, and range of motion for longer drives and more accurate shots. See what it takes to improve consistency and performance on the links by increasing your golf fitness knowledge.

Golf Anatomy includes 72 of the most effective exercises, each with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting muscles in action.

Golf Anatomy goes beyond exercises by placing you at the tee, on the fairways, and on the greens. You’ll see how to improve mobility, stability, body awareness, and muscle strength to add distance to drives, consistency to your short game, and accuracy to your putts.

From sand traps to awkward lies, Golf Anatomy will prepare you for even the most challenging of shots. Plus, you’ll learn how to stay at the top of your game with targeted injury-prevention exercises for the lower back, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and hips.

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The SNAGazoo is a golf training aid designed to develop the angle between hands and arms during a pitch shot. When the player swings to the 9 o’clock position, their target arm and the SNAGazoo form an “L”. If this is done correctly the device will produce a sound. If done incorrectly the device makes no sound.

Swing Caddy: Impact & Rhythm Trainer with Flexible Shaft

The “Swing Caddy” is a training club that has a “Sinker Spring Loaded Magnet” inside. This design allows users to adjust swing speed for desirable distance and head speed using the control scale. The device provides feedback by creating a “click” sound when swung. The goal is to produce the “click” sound at the point of impact (in front of the left foot). If the “click” sound is ahead or behind the ideal impact zone, it indicates that the swing is either too fast, slow, early or later than the selected control scale. The Sinker automatically resets itself to its original position without any manual adjustment. Its aim is to help players change their swing patterns for balanced rhythm and tempo for maximum distance with better accuracy.
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The Best Advice Ever for Golfers by Robert McCord

Never in the history of mankind have so many worked so hard to move a small ball so far. Golf shows no sign of losing its appeal and golfers remain on the lookout for new advice to improve their games. The book “The Best Advice Ever for Golfers” covers every aspect of the game: teeing it up, recovery shots, short game, conquering the mental side of the game and of course making putts. The book also includes quotes by famous golfers on how and why they love the game and a chapter with descriptions of some of their dream courses.
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CentreCup putting aid developed by PGA Pro Ian Melville helps golfers follow Dave Peltz ‘straight back, straight through’ putting technique also known as PILS (Pure InLine Stroke). In this putting technique the putter face is kept square to the ball and target line throughout the stroke.

The basics of the PILS stroke are:
-Keep the putter face square during the stroke.
-Keep the putter head moving straight along the target line.
-Use a simple pendulum stroke, originating at the shoulders. This takes the forearms, wrists, and hands out of the equation. The hands should hang freely below the shoulders, so that the “pendulum” formed by the shoulders and hands is perfectly vertical.
-The shoulders must be aimed square to the target line.

CentreCup’s unique Putter Brace and Shoulder Brace eliminate ‘wrist-break’ meaning the golfer cannot flip at the ball and also means the arms hang freely and can only move straight back and straight through. Anti-Twist Bars prevent the golfer from twisting off line and keep the shoulders square to the target line throughout the back-swing and follow-through.


The ChippingPro is a golf chipping aid that forces you to swing your golf club on an optimal swing path (ball first then the ground).

There are 5 steps to using the ChippingPro:
1. Place the ChippingPro mat on a flat surface where you can swing your golf club.
2. Pick a target you will aim at and where you want your ball to come to a stop.
3. Place the ball in the “hitting zone”, set the “indicator flap” to a 35° angle (max allowed) and address the ball as you would a normal chip shot.
4. Make your backswing and downswing for the shot you want to play, avoiding the “obstruction block” at the rear of the ChippingPro as you swing.
5. Hit the ball towards the target you selected, making sure you strike the “indicator flap” with the clubhead as you follow through.

A well-executed chip will result in the “indicator flap” being pushed flat and the ball moving towards your target. In contrast, a poorly-executed chip will leave the “indicator flap” in a raised position. Even if the ball goes to the target, you have failed to perform the chipping swing correctly if the flap remains raised.
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My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me by John Daly

Ever since his astonishing victory in the 1991 PGA Championship, John Daly has enthralled fans with his big drives, bigger personality, and his “grip it and rip it” approach to golf . . . and to life. Usually seen with a cigarette dangling from his lip, Long John is the unchained, unpredictable, unapologetic bad boy of professional golf.

My Life In and Out of the Rough is the thrillingly—and sometimes shockingly—candid memoir of a larger-than-life athlete battling assorted addictions (alcohol, gambling, chocolate, sex), his weight, and divorce lawyers (having been married four times). Carrying readers off the fairway and into his $1.5-million motor home, Daly takes us on a rollicking ride through his ever-churning world of burgers, booze, casinos, country music, and breathtaking moon shots—and reveals how a down-home Arkansas Everyman rose to the pinnacle of the golf world, escaped from the depths of abject depression, and, ultimately, took control of his life.

Well, sort of . . .

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