TPK Golf Putting Stick

The Putting Stick training aid features an adjustable back-swing stop to help control your swing, an easy-load ball ramp to identify stroke accuracy at impact and an eye-alignment mirror with a slotted base plate that slips onto the end of the stick. All of these aspects provide you with visual feedback on what is wrong with your form and swing by allowing you to monitor your eye-alignment, back-swing length, and stroke accuracy.
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When Golf Is a Ball: A Lifetime of Fun and Adventure in the Game by Gary Wiren

I found this treasure during my honeymoon travels in Costa Rica, in a beach town called Jaco.

Synopsis: Golf has led Wiren to walk on the Great Wall of China, in the tulip gardens of Holland, up the Tobel in Switzerland, around the Coliseum in Italy and within the royal grounds in Denmark; to enjoy a sauna in Finland, eat sauerkraut and dumplings in the Czech Republic, teach to beauty pagent contestants in Curacau, chase dingoes in the Australian outback, sing in Singapore, taste a Sacher torte in Austria, gamble at the casino in Monaco, fish the lakes of New Zealand, dine with geishas in Japan, and sail the Mediterranean. In all of these exotic locales he has found something very familiar in the eyes of his hosts: a delight in the great game of golf. Wiren’s myriad encounters with that delight provide the experiences, stories, quotes, quips, and observations that make up the content of When Golf is a Ball. It’s an anecdote-filled mother lode of great golf lore.
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DuoTrac is a multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor device and mobile app that can be used in golf to improve your swing performance. It comes with 4 sensors: 2 sensors are attached to the club and 2 sensors are on the players hips.

The idea is to better capture what’s going on at more points in the swing, or more precisely what’s going wrong. DuoTrac reports data on clubface path, transition, face angle at impact and weight shift. Linked to your smartphone, the app assesses address position, backswing, downswing and impact with distinct thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons. The app also provides instant tips to attack trouble areas.


The TeeTowel is a retro inspire towel that determines the stance width and ball position combination that provides you with the best strike, ball flight and consistency for each club and shot type. The letters represent stance width, so if your left big toe is opposite E your right big toe should also be opposite E. The number side represents ball position, with the + numbers being left of centre (forward in stance) and the – numbers being right of centre (back in stance). For shorter shots whereby you need to stand closer to the ball (eg. chipping & putting) simply fold the towel over to the required width ensuring both sides of indicia are still visible.
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Corey Pavin’s Shotmaking

Pavin teaches you the shots that have made him one of the most complete players in golf: how to control trajectory, how to apply spin to the ball, how to “work the ball” left or right to tight hole locations and more. He tells you when to be conservative or aggressive from 150 to 100 yards in, enabling you to handle difficult holes. He shows you how to build a solid wedge game, from full pitching wedge to half sand wedge. He also describes his putting technique that will help you sink putts from four feet and in, as well as putts from long range. Corey Pavin provides the hands-on lessons that can help you become a more aggressive shot maker.
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Breed Bar

The Breed Bar is a versatile instructional training aid that works on many different aspects of the golf swing such as:
-Ball positioning
-Weight transfer
-Swing plane
-Club head path
-Spine angle
-Head position
-Start lines
-Short game and putting
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Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy (1972)

“A round of golf partakes of the journey, and the journey is one of the central myths and signs of Western man . . . If it is a journey, it is also a round: it always leads back to the place where you started from . . . Golf is always a trip back to the first tee, the more you play the more you realize you are staying where you are. By playing golf you reenact that secret of the journey. You may even get to enjoy it.”

In the spirit of Michael Murphy’s 1972 novel “Golf In The Kingdom,” the original inspiration for the Shivas Irons Society and one of the best selling and most influential golf books of all time.The Shivas Irons Society is a nonprofit dedicated to furthering golf as a mindful pursuit and as a tool for personal growth and development. We inspire, connect and support all who are interested in exploring the transformational aspects of the game.

Our supporters believe that golf is a better, more rewarding game when played in a way that’s intentionally conscious and respectful of its core roots and values – a style of play that Shivas Irons himself would recognize and endorse, and one that is often at odds with much of what the modern game has become.

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