The Tiger Woods Way: Secrets of Tiger Woods’ Power-swing Technique

Tiger Woods has electrified golf the way Michael Jordan did basketball and Wayne Gretzky did hockey. In The Tiger Woods Way, GOLF Magazine’s former senior editor of instruction, John Andrisani, shares his analysis of Tiger’s flawless swing technique to help golfers of all levels learn how to increase their driving distances and improve their games.Drawing from his independent study and analysis of Tiger’s game, John Andrisani offers detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on Tiger Woods’ swing in four simple chapters:

1)Getting Ready for Action: Explains Tiger’s unique setup position, which borrows key elements from Jack Nicklaus’ and Ben Hogan’s own techniques.

2)Building Power: Shows you how to increase the resistance between your upper and lower body to help you make Tiger’s powerful takeaway action your own.

3)Unleashing Power: Outlines Tiger’s ideal impact body-and-club position to enable you to hit solid shots consistently.

4)Iron Power: Reveals the fundamentals of Tiger’s iron swing to allow you to hit the ball stiff to the flag.
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Setup Eye

The world’s first handheld alignment system for golfers, with 100% accurate viewfinder, active alignment and target lock technology.
* One of the most important aspect of any golfers game is the alignment/setup.
* The PGA website tells us that 95% of all “swing flaws” can be traced back to the setup position. Or as 18 time major champion Jack Nicklaus once said  “If you setup to the ball poorly, you’ll hit a lousy golf shot even if you make the greatest swing in the world”.
* Imagine if you could eliminate the guesswork from your setup – if you could be sure of the perfect setup every stroke, on the golf course as well as on the practice ground!
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The Smart Golf club is the world’s first swing analyzer and practice club with built-in sensors all in one device, that allows players to practice their swing anytime and anywhere. At home, in your office, or even at your favorite bar! The app follows and analyzes your swing and offers coaching advice. The Smart Golf club has 9-axis sensors including gyrometer & accelerometer sensors built-in, which track the club’s movement and measure every detail of the golf swing precisely. This data is collected and transferred with the club’s very own Wi-Fi transmitter to the Smart Golf App. In the App, the swing data is displayed and visualized through a 3D customization avatar, providing a golf training experience. The Smart club fully measures the swing, including the maximum club speed and face movement through the impact zone and even provides you an impact analysis function, which shows you every detail of your face and path angle. Therefore, SMARTGOLF users will get a better understanding on their swing mechanism and what exactly is happening on the impact point. Unlike other mobile swing trainer and analyzer, the Smart Golf App also transforms the Smart club into a golf simulator by allowing users to play on realistic golf courses in its game mode. SMARTGOLF users are able to connect the club to all available Smart devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC) and watch their swing on the company’s App (available for iOS, Android & Windows).
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Smart Golf club: The next level of swing trainer



Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received

The host of the reality show The Apprentice and now the president of the United States of America  presents a unique collection of golf advice. From Palmer and Player, Mickelson and Vijay to Pat Boone, Stone Phillips, and even Yogi Berra, these players, teachers, businesspeople, and celebrities will help you play better and score lower.

Everyone who plays golf has that little nugget of information they turn to on the course. Donald Trump, himself an avid golfer, asked his friends, colleagues, and playing companions to offer thoughts on everything from the mental game to the swing to putting to playing golf the right way. And golfers being what they are, none could resist sharing words of wisdom.

So here we find Vijay Singh telling us about playing simply: “You don’t need to get your golf swing by going through video cameras and stuff like that. Just kind of go out there and find yourself.” Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith talks about not overswinging: “Just learn to allow the club to do what it’s supposed to do . . . because the ball is sitting still.” Actor Michael Douglas has a specific routine to slow his tempo—he says his wife’s name, and doesn’t even think of starting to bring the club down until he gets to “Jones.”

Taken together, these entries create a unique handbook, covering every aspect of the game—and ranging from the lighthearted to the deadly serious.
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Golf Boost

Golf Boost Story
After many years of near attempts we realized the single absolute swing does not exist. As in life, we learn from our mistakes. Our endless search concluded in the discovery of a supreme conjunction of body movements to form the ultimate swing. A swing model. As with every system, there is one that excels and reigns supreme over the competition. That is the Jim McLean system! We are thrilled to call Jim our partner and by working together we have developed the most advanced swing analysis technology in golf. Our algorithms detect the body position and compare them to Jim McLean’s 8-Step swing system. We then trigger a personalized lesson catered to each golfer. The conclusion is the ultimate swing analysis system for a diversity of golfers. Since each of us is a unique being, the Golf Boost by Jim McLean model adapts to each golfer individually. The software takes into consideration the golfers height, built, and playing level in order to return the ideal solution for your swing.
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Golf Boost. My Course is Everywhere

The 8 Traits Of Champion Golfers: How To Develop The Mental Game Of A Pro

Do you swing too fast, try too hard, lose concentration, lack confidence, get angry, putt poorly under pressure, finish exhausted, or suffer for hours after a hard game?
The most valuable tool a golfer can bring to the course is a strong mental game. Yet many golfers take this for granted, focusing almost entirely on grip, stance, or swing technique. The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers is a unique and persuasive approach to becoming a better golfer. Sports psychologist Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler identify eight personality traits that separate champions from the rest and give you steps for improving your game and making it more enjoyable. Using their GolfPsych program, Graham and Stabler challenge you to explore the elements of your personality and measure them against the traits of such successful golfers as Lee Janzen, Dave Stockton, Michelle McGann, and Gary McCord, all of whom have worked with Dr. Graham. With player examples and a careful explanation of why each trait is important to the game of golf, Graham discusses:
-Focus and Concentration
-Abstract Thinking
-Emotional Stability
-Dominance and Competitiveness
-Optimum Arousal and Managing Tension
Complete with charts, self-tests, and playing tips, The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers is a research-based guide to the mental game of golf, making it possible for a golfer to find their “zone” and play like a champ.
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Total Shotmaking: The Golfer’s Guide to Low Scoring by Fred Couples

Fred Couples in 1992 won the Masters Tournament and finished the season with the lowest scoring average (under 70). Instructions in the book range from fundamental tee-to-green techniques, adopting a carefree mindset, staging innovative practice sessions, and cultivating a vivid imagination, should help readers master the game of golf. Five of the six chapters include a section called “Couples Clinic,” in which the author offers advice that is occasionally contrary to the norm. Recommended for libraries serving both duffers and serious golfers.
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PutterSquare Training Square

Hitting the “sweet spot” and squaring the face of the putter at impact are foundations of great putting. The PutterSquare is a putting aid shaped like a bar of soap and provides feedback through the direction it travels post impact. Impact the PutterSquare at the bottom of your swing arc or else you will miss it entirely. Impact it properly and the PutterSquare will travel in a direction reflecting your putter face position at impact. After a few minutes your stroke will be more solid through the ball and you will intuitively correct putting mechanics.In the below video PutterSquare inventor David Handy sits down with Charlie Nance and talks about why and how he invented the PutterSquare. Click here to check out the Facebook page: PutterSquare facebook page

PutterSquare “On the Green” with Charlie Nance Interview

Ben Hogan’s Power Golf

‘Ben Hogan’s Power Golf’ is a instruction book. Here the master shares a lifetime of championship secrets to help you improve every phase of your game, including – to find the grip that’s right for you; clubs – their selection and use; how stance gives you right balance; winning backswing and downswing; greater distance from your wood shots; greater accurancy from your irons; putts that make it to the cup; bunker shots made easy; mastering uphill and downhill shots; golfing in rain, storm, and wind. Click here for more info:Google books



Zero Full Swing Set

The Zero club is the only club designed to help you feel the plane of the clubface. Unlike classic golf clubs, it has a rectangular grip and zero loft (i.e. the clubface is in line with the shaft). Learning is accelerated through involving several senses – you can see the plane of the clubface and, at the same time, feel it. The aim of training with the Zero club is to develop a conscious ability to control the ball flight.
Zero loft: Makes the plane of the clubface, the key-stone of each club, visual
The rectangular grip: Learn to feel and sense the clubface through your hand position during the swing
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Sore Point Pain Relief Gel

This is a golf aid that’ll give the avid golfer a warm feeling on those pain points – elbows, wrists, knees, wrists, shoulders – that plague all frequent players. Inventor Dr. Tara O’Brien-Adkins has developed an organic, pleasant smelling remedy for all types of inflammatory ailments from sore joints, stiff muscles and even mosquito bites. SorePoint automatically elevate their games and allow players to expend maximum effort on every drive. It’s especially effective on tendinitis, or “golfer’s elbow” – overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, leading to inflammation and pain around the elbow joint. The main culprit is vibration up the club shaft caused when the ball is struck. As this motion is repeated dozens of times on every round, it’s no wonder that pain continues in many golfers long after the round has ended. This analgesic, all-natural oil, roll-on or cream takes care of that.
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Copper Tech Glove

The innovative Copper Tech gloves are like having three gloves in one. First, each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fit so one size fits all. Copper Tech gloves expand and contract to fit men and women sizes small to extra-large. Second, Copper Tech gloves are engineered with a non-slip patent-pending spider weave silicon technology which reduces wear and allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance, even in wet conditions. Third the glove’s woven copper-infused compression technology helps soothe joint and muscle pain while helping to relieve pain in arthritic hands.
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Flex-Head Performance Golf Tees


1)Is it “really” unbreakable?
A: It’s warranted against breakage. It can be broken, but it’s extremely rare. About 1 in 6,500 in use results in a break.

2)If I break it, how do I get a new one?
A: Just send us the broken tee and we will promptly send you a new one. We will pick up the postage.

3)Why are there holes in the tee?
A: The holes are part of the design aspect of the “snap-flex” low resistance shaft. They provide compression relief so the resistance to bending is reduced. Point the holes towards your target. The G3 has a nice pointer on the shoulder showing the direction.

4)Does the tee always stay put with the fluted stake?
A: Not always. The G3 does give you feedback. If the tee hasn’t moved, it’s likely you have good sweet spot contact as little deflection has occurred. If the tee flies out, it’s likely more of the shaft was in contact with the club face and the bending moment was increased. If it flies out, it will be located directly in front or behind you 90% of the time.

5)Is the tee USGA legal?
A: Yes it is.

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One of the most critical aspects of the golf swing is the position of the head during the swing. Many professional golfers and instructors will tell you, keeping your head still during the swing is absolutely critical. Others say some lateral motion is normal. In any case, head motion is hard to detect during the swing. The Head Motion Indicator (HEMI) Rod enables you to see this motion very easily and accurately.
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Photo 1 shows the head and ball centered in the viewing frame.
Photo 2 shows the head left of the ball.
Photo 3 shows the head right of the ball.
Photos 4 & 5 show the HEMI Rod.
Photos 6 & 7 show the HEMI Rod being used.

Face Angler

Face Angler is a simple tool made to check your club’s face angle throughout your swing. No more looking up at the club head at the top of your swing. Use Face Angler together with swing path training aids and you will be able to train for the two critical elements to a good swing; swing path and club face angle.You can also use Face Angler together with video equipment to get a good idea of what is happening at impact during a real swing. Since the hands and grip are going much slower than the club head, it is possible to see much more detail during a swing, particularly near impact. With the Face Angler installed, you can zoom in on the hands/lower chest area during a taping sequence and note the club face angle by looking at the Face Angler. Click here for more info:

Plaser Golf Swing Trainer

Plaser is a practice club, it uses two lasers – one mounted in the grip and the other in the hosel – to provide instant feedback on your swing plane. It shows you how the correct swing plane should feel and trains the body to repeat that swing consistently.
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Golf Shake:

Plaser Golf Swing Trainer Instructional Video


Swing-Beep is a teaching aid that provides audible feedback when you are performing the wrong move.
There are many effective teaching tools on the market today but most only address one aspect of your game. Swing-Beep gives you multiple options and solutions to counter problems plaguing your golf game. Check out the video below for more info.
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SWING BEEP – The Ultimate Golf Teaching Aid

GOLFSTR+ is very excited to announce that GOLFSTR+ have been added to the list of products to be reviewed. Thank you GOLFSTR+ for letting me have the opportunity to try your product and post a review on it. GOLFSTR+ is a 6 in 1 straight arm golf training aid.  You can wear it on the driving range or during an 18 hole game. It helps your body build muscle memory to keep your lead arm or wrist straight during your back swing, putting, and chipping. It can also be used as a lag trainer for your back-swing and chipping. “One hundred members of the GOLF Partners Club tested and approved GOLFSTR+, and 77% of the participants testing GOLFSTR+ recommended it as a golf training aid that will lower your score”. I am very excited to try GOLFSTR+ out myself! Stay tuned for the review!!!
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GOLFSTR Interview for US Golf TV

Azas Golf Training Device

Azas Golf Swing Bats
Azas Golf swing bats are there to help golfers improve their swing plane. Each bat ranges from 45 inches to 50 inches in length and from 500g to 700g in weight and are painted in 2 colours. At address and impact positions, both colours should be visible but at top and finish positions, only one colour should be visible. The weight of the bat enhances the feel of swinging on plane and the length of the bat emphasises the need to swing under control.
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ALIGNMED Posture shirt

This is a review by Paul Wilson the inventor of ignition golf & a swing based on the Iron Byron Swing Machine.

AlignMed Technology Consists of:
Neurobands– Bands are composed of variable elasticity that mirror the contractive properties of muscles that train soft tissue and joints. This strengthens and aligns the body naturally by targeting specific anatomic zones, creating functional pull and neuromuscular stimulation.
Muscle Mapping– The strategic placement of the neurobands; augments the kinetic movement of the muscles and creates the exact amount of tension and support required for each muscle.

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Lag Rag

What is it ?
The Lag Rag is a piece of cloth that attaches to the end of the head of the club
What does it do?
-Like the fins on a dart, the Lag Rag naturally straightens your swing path and also helps you feel the rotation of the club head through impact.
– Makes you feel the entire shaft flex, and the dragging end of the trainer gives tremendous resistance through the hitting area.
-Increase strength, flexibility, and speed all in 20 swings a day.
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Up Score Balance Plate

Is a simple and compact golf stroke practice tool that can be used in the home. Stand on the “plate” to train your swing, and it will improve your balance and posture both for golf and in general. An integrated mini fluid balance means you can check if you are horizontal, while the level can be adjusted with the attachments underneath. A mini swing practice stick is included so you don’t have to worry about using your clubs indoors. Click here for the home page(note scroll down to wellness -GolfXbeauty by Kidu Megumi) :
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Paint Golf Aid

Facing Up to Bunker Shots
Knowing the mechanics of a bunker swing is important, but it’s even more important to know how the club works through the sand. If you understand what the bounce on the bottom of the wedge should do, you’ll intuitively make swings that skim more and dig less. There’s simple connection between the bounce and the face: When you can see the face, the bounce is doing what it should do. My favourite way to reinforce this is to smear washable finger paint on the face of a wedge. Set up with your hands slightly back at address and the face open- so you can see the paint- and make swings so that you can still see the paint at the finish. If you’re digging too deep, the paint will get wiped off.
(ref:James Kinney Golf Digest)

The Swing Boss

Swing Boss $38.29
9 Reviewer
- Can be used anywhere that has enough room to swing a club (Ideal tool for working on your swing, particularly indoors during the off-season) - Note: if you don't have enough height indoors to swing your club, you can choke down on your clubs - Great when you want to be quiet (hitting real golf balls is loud, not ideal when the family is sleeping) - Simple and easy to use - Best solution for someone who wants to practice all year round - Can be used with other golf aids for more rounded feedback. For example: Swing profile for video analysis and a swing analyzer (eg.3 Bays GSA Swing Analyzer) that goes in the butt end of your club. Combining these aids will make it a really good high tech practice setup.
- Only shows club face impact and not swing path. Club face impact is not the only factor for ball curvature (slice, hook..etc) Read below in effectiveness for further explanation - Have to use tees to hit iron shots (cannot hit off the mat directly) - Set-up can be tedious because you have to bend down each time to place the ball on the tee since you cannot hit directly off the mat


Tee-Up Compact

NORTHCROFT GOLF have been added to my review list!!! I am very excited to review The Tee-Up Compact.The product is aimed towards “taking the strain out of your game”! NORTHCROFT GOLF have a range of “bend free” products to help golfers keep playing the game they love. Thank you NORTHCROFT GOLF for allowing me the opportunity to try out the product!!! Keep posted for the review…meanwhile check out their homepage:



I am very excited to announce that I will be doing a review on CRAFTSMAN head covers. Thank you CRAFTSMAN for kindly asking me to try and review your products! Below are the head covers I will be testing out. I normally do not review golf accessories, but I couldn’t help but say YES because their products look like high quality head covers, also they are beautifully made…and come on, what kind of golfer could say no to beautiful head covers that help compliment their set of clubs??!! Stay tune for the review everyone!


Center Gravity Ball (CGB)

Center Gravity Ball $39.95
7.1 Reviewer
- Provides accurate feedback through ball movement (if your initial setup is good) - If your stroke is off, the CGB won’t lie. - Easier on your back than similar aids (Ie. the pill, putting wheel, etc...because you don't have to stand up the ball every time). You can just maneuver it into place with your putter rather than bending down and having to stand it up every time. - No matter what your putting style is, this aid gives golfers feedback on their impact - The geometric shape of the Center Gravity Ball provides better feedback than other aids (refer below for further explanation) - Can use with wedges (chipping) - Portable
- Setting up the CGB can be time consuming - Not easy to align - More expensive than competitors (the pill and putter wheel) but on the flip side it provides better feedback

Swing Profile

Three versions (Free/Elite/Coach)
9.4 Reviewer
- Free to try, Easy to use, App works really well - Makes swings easy to compare so you can find your swing fault (refer below in review for further explanation) - The setup is hardest part without a stand (I made a diy stand) - Great app for practice (refer below in review for further explanation) - Revolutionary technology!!!! Nothing that comes close to it!
- Lacks on the drawing tools (other apps have different colors and shapes you can draw with) - All features worked perfectly except the auto plane line feature (On the positive side, you can manually adjust the plane line in the app) - Even if you are able to figure out your swing fault with the app, you might not know how to fix it. That being said, you need to know that there is a problem before you can fix it and that is what the app can provide...a greater chance that you will figure out your swing fault. - Not available on andriod devices

GripIt Rite

8.6 Reviewer
- Can use the training grip with all your own clubs, during practice or play - There are different sizes (jr, small, regular, womens) - Can adjust it to be neutral, weak, or strong with the scope - inconspicuous device (other players won't notice if you're using the device) - Feels like you're holding your normal grip cause the bottom is your own grip
- Not Easy to take on & off clubs; the difficulty will depend on the the grip size & type (multiple customers on various review sites stated that) - After a few swings the grip aid moves, then you have to realign the aid with the scope - Does not address all aspects of a good grip (grip pressure, short thumb vs long thumb etc. read more below in effectiveness) - If you have really big hands or small hands it might be an issue if you pick the wrong size (I say this because you can't open up the package and try the aid out ex. small male hands might need a womens grip rite)


Benderstik $99.95
7.3 Reviewer
- Versatile tool that can be used to train many aspects of the swing - Provides negative feedback to build muscle memory - Great if you know specifically what you need to work on in your swing - Good tool for golf instructors - Light-weight so you can carry it in your golf bag
- You need to self-diagnose your swing flaws (might be difficult for beginners) - Expensive training aid - Could use a broken golf shaft and pool noodle (look under cheaper alternative below for drills you can do without buying the Benderstik package) - The dvd is good but could be overwhelming for golfer