Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy (1972)

“A round of golf partakes of the journey, and the journey is one of the central myths and signs of Western man . . . If it is a journey, it is also a round: it always leads back to the place where you started from . . . Golf is always a trip back to the first tee, the more you play the more you realize you are staying where you are. By playing golf you reenact that secret of the journey. You may even get to enjoy it.”

In the spirit of Michael Murphy’s 1972 novel “Golf In The Kingdom,” the original inspiration for the Shivas Irons Society and one of the best selling and most influential golf books of all time.The Shivas Irons Society is a nonprofit dedicated to furthering golf as a mindful pursuit and as a tool for personal growth and development. We inspire, connect and support all who are interested in exploring the transformational aspects of the game.

Our supporters believe that golf is a better, more rewarding game when played in a way that’s intentionally conscious and respectful of its core roots and values – a style of play that Shivas Irons himself would recognize and endorse, and one that is often at odds with much of what the modern game has become.

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Divot Disc

The Divot Disc is a multi-layer (microfiber surface) golf training aid mat. The microfiber surface provides visible feedback of the path and orientation of the clubhead after it contacts the surface. The surface can be cleaned or reset by brushing the hand or clubhead over the surface in the reverse direction that created the feedback.
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On Golf: Lessons from America’s Master Teacher by Jim Flick

Tom Lehman, winner of the 1996 British Open, says, “Jim Flick understands the overall golf swing better than anyone I’ve ever met.” Jack Nicklaus thinks enough of him to have opened the Nicklaus/Flick Golf School, with teaching facilities in Salt Lake City, Palm Beach, Pebble Beach, Scottsdale, and Harbor Springs (MI). The following golfers all extol his virtues from tee to green: Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Paul Azinger, Phil Mickelson, Judy Rankin, Byron Nelson, and Chi Chi Rodriguez. Now, Flick has written a book that’s inspirational, instructional and entertaining and will take five to ten strokes off even the most casual hacker’s game.

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On Golf: Lessons from America’s Master Teacher

Curt Sampson, HOGAN (1996)

“What a spectacle it was to see Hogan hit every full shot like a god. To watch him putt like an expectant father on his third of coffee.”

Curt Sampson is an American non-fiction writer and freelance journalist. He is best known for his 1996 biography and New York Times Best Seller Hogan published in 1996, the story of one of the most complex and notable athletes of the 20th century.
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Your Golf Bag Pro: Nick Weslock’s Little Black Book of Key Golf Secrets

This is a nice little book full of handy tips and secrets that is small enough to easily carry to the course with you.

Topics covered in the book:
-Quick keys, tips, and stroke-savers.
-Corrections for slicing, hooking, topping, skying, loss of distance, and other problems likely to plague your round.
-How to play difficult sand shots, and improve your chipping and putting.
-How to handle the tension of the first tee and the short putt on the eighteenth green.
-Excellent tips on driving, fairway woods and iron shots.

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