Wizard Putting System

The Wizard Putting System comes with three putting aids.

The Putter’s Edge reduces the size of the hole. Putting to a small hole makes a traditional hole seem huge and builds confidence on the green. It can be used with or without a hole.  To use without a hole, simply remove the insert and putt to the opening.

The Tour Stroke mounts to the putter face, cradles the ball in its holder and releases it at the end of your stroke. This encourages a long smooth stroke.

The True Line putting aid is a variation on the line drill. It encourages a long and smooth stroke and can be used with or without a hole.

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DIVOT DOG: Multi-Functional Golf Divot Tool

DIVOT DOG Functions:
1. Divot Tool 2. Range Finder 3. Spike Wrench 4. Groove Cleaner 5. Three Inch Ruler 6. Bottle Opener 7. Flat Head Screwdriver 8. 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver 9. Four Position Tee Depth Set 10. Nail File (In shape of tee on back) 11. Golf Club Prop 12. Plastic Ball Marker Holder 13. Golf Ball Straight Line Marking Guide 14. Box/Envelope Opener 15. Key Ring/Lanyard Hole Size Of Tee 16. Cigarette Holder 17. Cigar Holder (with tee) 18. Golf Hole Compass 19. Pry bar 20. Orange Peel Starter 21. Can Opener 22. Can Punch/Vent Opener 23. Butterfly Wrench 24. Straight Edge
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The Divot Dog: Multi-Function Golf Divot Tool (24+ Functions!)

Torc Swingtrainer

Similar to the doughnut in baseball, the Torc Swingtrainer is a product that adds weight to your golf club. What’s unique about it is it lets you position training weight at 3 keys points.
1) Above the hosel to stretch large muscles and increase your swing speed.
2) At the balance point to work your swing plane.
3) Above the grip to strengthen your grip and promote a proper release.
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Torc Swingtrainer


Tgolf is to golf, as Tball is to baseball. Both are easy, uncomplicated approaches for players of all abilities to hone the mechanics of a proper swing. Just as baseball players head for the batting cage and hit off a tee to maintain their balance, tempo and swing mechanics, so can golfers using the Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer.

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Tgolf Solutions Simple & Fun 4 Step Lesson


The SmartGolfBall is a new kind of golf ball; one that connects wirelessly with your smartphone and has a design objective to lead you to within one foot of your golf ball, no matter where it has landed.
The genius behind The SmartGolfBall is a small microchip that communicates with GPS satellites to relay its location back to your smart phone … the results … “No More Lost Balls!” Spend more time playing golf and less time searching!

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The First Ever Truly SmartGolfBall

The Twitch Trainer

The Twitch Trainer and its progressive conditioning program, Twitch Movements, are specifically designed to re-program a wavering rotational sequence. Simplifying the complexity of the swing through drills and progressions aimed at placing the body in motion. Twitch movement progressions will improve coordination, tempo, sequence, and release by focusing on conditioning the segments of the rotational pattern that produce maximal club head speed. These methods built on change of direction, weight distribution, and deceleration will maximize speed at the release, “cracking the whip” at impact.

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Twitch Trainer Overview