Wizard Putting System

The Wizard Putting System comes with three putting aids.

The Putter’s Edge reduces the size of the hole. Putting to a small hole makes a traditional hole seem huge and builds confidence on the green. It can be used with or without a hole.  To use without a hole, simply remove the insert and putt to the opening.

The Tour Stroke mounts to the putter face, cradles the ball in its holder and releases it at the end of your stroke. This encourages a long smooth stroke.

The True Line putting aid is a variation on the line drill. It encourages a long and smooth stroke and can be used with or without a hole.

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Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent

Zen Golf Book Review


ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent, contains three main sections.
— Part 1: A Different Perspective
— Part 2: The PAR Approach: Preparation, Action, Response to Results
— Part 3: A Game of Honor.

Each chapter in A Different Perspective starts with either a story, puzzle, riddle, or quote, and then relates them to golf and Buddhism. The PAR Approach includes three sub-sections: P stands for Preparation. It talks about how to gain confidence by practicing the 3 C’s: Clarity, Commitment, and Composure. The chapters include such things as imagery, getting rid of doubt or hesitation, and staying calm and focused. A stands for Action. It discusses having a ideal state of mind, staying in the present, and getting your body and mind synchronized. The goal of this sub-section is to allow you to execute a shot free from interference of mental chatter or paralysis by analysis. R stands for Response to results. It includes post shot routines, ways to recognize and undo negativity and self sabotage, and techniques for changing habits. The goal of this sub-section is to reinforce good shots with positive feelings and self encouragement, have minimal emotional distress around poor shots, maintain a sense of humor, and refrain from beating yourself up. These ways of responding to results will give you the best chance of success. The last section, A Game of Honor, is based on something called Shambala Golf and its values of Virtue, Discipline, Humor, and Friendship. It concludes with a summary of playing golf with a quality of dignity that is gentle, inquisitive, and fearless.


I really enjoyed Zen Golf because of its practical mental tips, its enjoyable stories, and its ability to make you see a different perspective.


    • I felt the book was especially strong in changing your thinking or perspective.
    • I especially enjoyed how the book flowed and was easy to read.
    • I was captivated by the stories and lessons you learned from them.
    • The biggest appeal for me was the practical mental tips you can use on the golf course.


‘A Zen student went for an interview with his master. The student said, “I know this may require a very lengthy and complex answer, but I request guidelines for conducting myself wherever I am, so that my attitude and behavior are always excellent.” 

The master said, “Actually, the answer is quite brief and simple: In every situation, conduct yourself as if your five-year-old child were watching you.” ‘

I want to thank Dr. Joseph Parent for providing a copy of this amazing book. Another great book of his that’s worth checking out  is “The Best Diet Book Ever: The Zen of Losing Weight “.  
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Torc Swingtrainer

Similar to the doughnut in baseball, the Torc Swingtrainer is a product that adds weight to your golf club. What’s unique about it is it lets you position training weight at 3 keys points.
1) Above the hosel to stretch large muscles and increase your swing speed.
2) At the balance point to work your swing plane.
3) Above the grip to strengthen your grip and promote a proper release.
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Torc Swingtrainer

As Hogan Said . . .: The 389 Best Things Anyone Said about How to Play Golf by Randy Voorhees

The game of golf is a source of endless study, fascination, and frustration; which has led to an endless pursuit of wisdom about how to play it better. Randy Voorhees in this book has presented the best, most helpful, and most entertaining quotations about the game of golf. From Penick to Trevino, from Mackenzie and Wodehouse to Updike and McLean, all the greats of the game are here, with thoughts that will enlighten, entertain, and ensure lower scores.
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“Revealer” Putting Jig

I would like to introduce you to the Revealer a tool invented to show how a putter balances when you’re not touching it. It allows the putter to spin freely in a putting stroke and reliable plane without your hands touching it. This shows you if your putters face is balanced. Putting is hard enough, give yourself the best chance for success by having the best tool for the job.
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Introducing Directed Force Putters/Revealer Tool

Single-Finger Golf Glove

It’s either happened to you or someone you know: That small, almost imperceptible red mark gets more and more red as you complete your warm-up on the range. Next thing you know, you’re making the turn with a new-born blister! And by your next round, that blister has turned into a small cut that grows with every swing. The SingleFit Golf Glove is a single-finger glove designed to take the place of bandages and tape for the purpose of relieving and preventing skin irritation, blisters and minor cuts.

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