Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible by Fred Shoemaker with Pete Shoemaker

Golfers bring more than their clubs to the course; they also bring doubt, fear and excitement – and a lot of hope. They are so intent on looking good that they often end up looking bad.

This is a book that will change your mind, your play and your entire golfing experience. This is an approach to golf that stresses personal development, practical exercises are combined with a mental approach that will help you to enjoy golf more and to improve your game at the same time.
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Paint Golf Aid

Facing Up to Bunker Shots
Knowing the mechanics of a bunker swing is important, but it’s even more important to know how the club works through the sand. If you understand what the bounce on the bottom of the wedge should do, you’ll intuitively make swings that skim more and dig less. There’s simple connection between the bounce and the face: When you can see the face, the bounce is doing what it should do. My favourite way to reinforce this is to smear washable finger paint on the face of a wedge. Set up with your hands slightly back at address and the face open so you can see the paint, then make swings so that you can still see the paint at the finish. If you’re digging too deep, the paint will get wiped off.
(reference: James Kinney, Golf Digest)

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent

Zen Golf Book Review


ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent, contains three main sections.
— Part 1: A Different Perspective
— Part 2: The PAR Approach: Preparation, Action, Response to Results
— Part 3: A Game of Honor.

Each chapter in A Different Perspective starts with either a story, puzzle, riddle, or quote, and then relates them to golf and Buddhism. The PAR Approach includes three sub-sections: P stands for Preparation. It talks about how to gain confidence by practicing the 3 C’s: Clarity, Commitment, and Composure. The chapters include such things as imagery, getting rid of doubt or hesitation, and staying calm and focused. A stands for Action. It discusses having a ideal state of mind, staying in the present, and getting your body and mind synchronized. The goal of this sub-section is to allow you to execute a shot free from interference of mental chatter or paralysis by analysis. R stands for Response to results. It includes post shot routines, ways to recognize and undo negativity and self sabotage, and techniques for changing habits. The goal of this sub-section is to reinforce good shots with positive feelings and self encouragement, have minimal emotional distress around poor shots, maintain a sense of humor, and refrain from beating yourself up. These ways of responding to results will give you the best chance of success. The last section, A Game of Honor, is based on something called Shambala Golf and its values of Virtue, Discipline, Humor, and Friendship. It concludes with a summary of playing golf with a quality of dignity that is gentle, inquisitive, and fearless.


I really enjoyed Zen Golf because of its practical mental tips, its enjoyable stories, and its ability to make you see a different perspective.


    • I felt the book was especially strong in changing your thinking or perspective.
    • I especially enjoyed how the book flowed and was easy to read.
    • I was captivated by the stories and lessons you learned from them.
    • The biggest appeal for me was the practical mental tips you can use on the golf course.


‘A Zen student went for an interview with his master. The student said, “I know this may require a very lengthy and complex answer, but I request guidelines for conducting myself wherever I am, so that my attitude and behavior are always excellent.” 

The master said, “Actually, the answer is quite brief and simple: In every situation, conduct yourself as if your five-year-old child were watching you.” ‘

I want to thank Dr. Joseph Parent for providing a copy of this amazing book. Another great book of his that’s worth checking out  is “The Best Diet Book Ever: The Zen of Losing Weight “.  
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Impact Snap

The device was designed to train the wrists and forearms in 3 different motions that occur in a proper release of the golf club during a full swing — cocking and unlocking of the lead wrist, flexion (bowing) of the lead wrist and supination or rotation of the lead wrist and forearm without sacrificing the integrity of the flexed lead wrist. Simply put the Impact Snap is a grip with a noise-making ball extending from the butt end. By making the ball clack in the right place and rest against your trailing forearm, you’re training a good release. As Ben Hogan wrote, using the wrist & arms properly is a must if you want to play great golf. I have not had the opportunity to test the golf aid, but its definitely on my bucket list.
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As Hogan Said . . .: The 389 Best Things Anyone Said about How to Play Golf by Randy Voorhees

The game of golf is a source of endless study, fascination, and frustration; which has led to an endless pursuit of wisdom about how to play it better. Randy Voorhees in this book has presented the best, most helpful, and most entertaining quotations about the game of golf. From Penick to Trevino, from Mackenzie and Wodehouse to Updike and McLean, all the greats of the game are here, with thoughts that will enlighten, entertain, and ensure lower scores.
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The Inner Game of Golf by Timothy Gallwey

Before Dr. Bob Rotella made tweaking a golfer’s head as important as tweaking his swing. Tim Gallwey who knew virtually nothing about the mechanics of golf when he wrote his work, he understood that even the best technique collapses when the mind cracks under pressure. Gallwey’s insight into the game was that a golfer’s mind is also his worst enemy; too much thinking only gets in the way. This book preaches such “Inner Game” fundamentals as trust, concentration, visualization, feel, relaxation and is full of what Gallwey calls “awareness exercises.” Much of what he has to say seems obvious in a world in which most good athletes have some kind of psychological guru always at the ready to help improve performance, but Gallwey, with his bagful of anecdotes and encouragement, was one of the first to explore this uncharted territory, and still remains one of the most readable.
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Rex Elmore Trigger Golf Aid

Rex Elmore Trigger Golf Aid is a “muscle memory” resistance training exercise band that anchors into the green/ground and clips to the balance point of the putter shaft. By stretching and holding in the finish position of a straight stroke creates an “afterimage” sensation of a good stroke.
I found the patent for this aid but couldn’t find it being sold anywhere.
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Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

In Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, Dr. Bob Rotella creates an attitude and a mindset about all aspects of the golfer’s game, from mental preparation to competition. This book covers everything from how to think during competition and how to practice. Filled with charming and insightful stories about golf and the golfers Rotella works with, this book will improve the game of even the most casual weekend player.
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Made from 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin, GelTees biodegrade within days of being left in the elements.With more than 2.8 billion wooden tees made annually in the US alone, GelTees could prevent the destruction of 70,000 trees per year and keep more than 1600 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. GelTees also act as a natural fertilizer when they biodegrade, becoming a source of nutrients for your course! The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
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