Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf by John Updike

John Updike wrote about the lure of golf for five decades, from the first time he teed off at the age of twenty-five until his final rounds at the age of seventy-six.

Golf Dreams collects the most memorable of his golf pieces, high-spirited evidence of his learning, playing, and living for the game. The camaraderie of golf, the perils of its present boom, how to relate to caddies, and how to manage short putts are among the topics he addresses, sometimes in lyrical essays, sometimes in light verse, sometimes in wickedly comic fiction. All thirty pieces have the lilt of a love song, and the crispness of a firm chip stiff to the pin.

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DST Compressor Training Club

How DST Golf Clubs Work
The Secret of Golf is to have a delayed strike or lag impact where your hands lead the club face through the ball. As a result the club face is under control until after the ball has been struck. Enabling you to consistently improve your ball strike and accuracy. The DST Compressor has a curved shaft, which replicates the shape of a normal shaft under maximum load during impact. The curved shaft forces you into a position where your hands lead the club face through impact.

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DST Golf – Improve your ball striking today

The TALON by Ojee Golf

What is the TALON?
The TALON is a digital display unit that attaches to the grip-butt of any golf club in your bag and a separate belt with digital back unit. The TALON measures and displays four critical angles of address:
* Spine angle
* Club shaft angle
* Club shaft to spine angle
* Rotation angle of the club face

As you adjust your stance, club shaft and club face your angles of address are displayed on the device, allowing you to read and replicate your perfect posture every time.
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Swing Whistle

Having a good rhythm is so important in golf. Sometimes it could literally make or break your shot. Check out this golf rhythm training aid I came across that aims to help train golfers to have a better tempo in their swing…

The Swing Whistle enhances the sound of maximum clubhead speed. The Whistle alerts you when you force clubhead speed using your wrists and hands. A solid golf swing will whistle at IMPACT!”

-Audibly alerts you to find your maximum clubhead speed, your swing should WHISTLE AT IMPACT!
-Works with your own equipment
-Corrects “casting” and “fat shots” identified by an “early” whistle. Trains timing, tempo and effective clubhead speed
-Compact and inexpensive, fits in your golf bag
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Swing Whistle How to video

A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour by John Feinstein

In the highly acclaimed bestseller A Good Walk Spoiled, John Feinstein captures the world of professional golf as it has never been captured before. Traveling with the golfers on the PGA Tour, Feinstein gets inside the heads of the game’s greatest players as well as its struggling wannabes. Meet superstars like Nick Price, who nailed a fifty-foot putt at the seventeenth to win the British Open, and Paul Azinger, who marked his return from a bout with cancer with an emotional appearance at the Buick Open. Go behind the scenes for Davis Love III’s unforgettable come-from-behind victory in the Ryder Cup. In golf, Feinstein eloquently relates, the line that separates triumph from disappointment is incredibly fine. “One week you’ve discovered the secret to the game; the next week you never want to play it again”.
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